Healing Light and Angel Cards

Healing Light and Angel Cards

The Healing Light and Angel Cards has 42 cards divided into (and used as) six different sections: Chakras, Action, Colour, Animals, Crystals and Angels. The deck is designed to help identify and then heal blocked chakras.

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Healing Light and Angel Cards Review by medusawink

Healing Light Angel Cards is a box set (cards and guidebook) – a beautiful deck of cards intended to help the user with identifying problems caused by blocked Chakras, assist in healing them from negative energy thus enabling the user to experience life at optimum health and with an abundance of radiant energy and spirituality.

Chakras are the healing centres of the body, which are primarily affected by emotions. Negative emotions, repositories of grief, anger, self-doubt etc cause the Chakras to cease functioning properly. Releasing the adverse emotions restores the Chakras to their proper function and ability. The Healing Light Angel Cards aim to help the seeker identify these problems and assist in their healing.

This deck is not used like tarot cards, rather the cards are divided into their respective suits. Each suit is shuffled individually and card is drawn – resulting in a six card layout. There are six suits and each represents different areas of interest: ‘Chakras' is the area that needs attention; the 'Action' cards offers advice on how to best effect a healing; and the ‘Colour’ card gives the Seeker a meditation. Further healing energies are revealed in the final cards of the layout, from the remaining three suits – Animals, Crystals, and Angels.

The cards measure 73 x 123 mm – which makes them a little larger than the average tarot deck but still easy to handle. The card stock is very good – thin (but not flimsy) and very flexible. They are high-gloss with a smooth, slick finish – however they are not too slippery to handle. The artwork is digitally created and/or enhanced – featuring lots of fractals and mandalas. The colours are almost fluorescent, sometimes candy hued – fiery yellows, oranges, and reds, electric greens, blues, pinks, soft modems and lavenders, dusky blues and lilacs, and deep peacock shades. There are no borders on these cards. The title is printed in white at the top of the card. The print on the back of the card, is an Angel’s wing – this is not a reversible design.

Like all Schiffer box sets, this one comes beautifully packaged with attention to find details. The cards come packed in a solid cardboard box, with a ribbon loop to pull the lid up, and ribbon hinges to keep the lid in place. The top is held shut with magnetic clasps. The guidebook sits on top of the cards. This is a compact box set that will fit easily into a shoulder bag or backpack; it is solid enough to withstand the rigours of the road.

The 96 page guidebook has a four-page 'Introduction ', a description of what Chakras actually are, and how they function. The instructions for the cards pertaining to Chakras tells the seeker what part of the body the Chakra ‘Governs’; what physical symptoms a blockage may manifest as i.e. negative physical symptoms; there is also a list of positive ‘Grounded’ benefits, attributes of a healthy Chakra. The ‘Divinatory’ meanings give a reasonable amount of information about each card. Regrettably the deck’s creator, Saliere, does not suggest any other layouts, or further uses, esoterically speaking, for these cards.

For people with an interest in Chakras, and seeking spiritual guidance, this is an interesting and non-traditional deck. It is not a set of fortune-telling cards, rather a spiritual guide. The brilliantly coloured fluid images are also excellent meditation devices. And for a person seeking something a little bit off the beaten track, or if you are looking for something somewhat 'trippy’ these cards with their kaleidoscopic, almost hallucinatory images are just the right thing.

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Complete Details of Healing Light and Angel Cards

Creators: Saleire
Publisher: Schiffer Books 2015
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 42
Card Language: English
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: White angel wings set on a rainbow coloured background
Companion Material: 96-page companion book

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