Jesus Cards

The Jesus Deck is made for playing card games, it has four suits, corresponding to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and two jokers. The artwork is somewhat unfocused and reminiscent of Bible quote posters at Sunday School.

Created by William M. Atkinson
Oracle Deck - 54 Cards - US Games

Card Images from the Jesus Cards

jesluke jesast jesexp jespete jeswome

More About These Cards

Name: Jesus Cards
Creators: William M. Atkinson
Publisher: US Games
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 54

Jesus Cards Review by Joanna M. Phillips

This is a beautiful deck that I bought new for $5.00 at a stationery store in the early 1970ís. Even if you never use it to play any games (there are four suits, i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, so could be used as playing cards), the artwork is lovely. The style is watercolour and what youíd expect in late-hippie/early 70ís art.

The deck can be thought of as a portable New Testament (Gospels only). Or (I havenít tried this yet, but I bet it would work) as an oracle deck. The cards can also be used for educational purposes or meditation.

The size of the cards is about a medium-size oracle card deck. The card stock is about the same as playing cards, but with a smooth laminated finish. There are 52 cards plus two jokers. The LWB is fairly thick, with sections on symbolism, colour significance, card games to play, and detailed descriptions of each card. This booklet is geared towards Christians, so be aware of that.

The deck and book come in a nice hard box. If you own this deck, hang onto it because it has become something of a collectorís item. I donít know that I would spend a huge amount of money for it now; but Iíll always keep my copy because of the lovely artwork.

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