Love Pack

Love Pack

The Love Pack is a divination deck of 84 cards especially for new relationships, expanding your partner potential, and those seeking love and romance. From psychologist Chuck Spezzano.

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Love Pack Review by purple_scorp

Published in 2002, The Love Pack (Romance Deck) by Dr Chuck Spezzano is one of the best presented Oracle decks that I have come across. The Love Pack has 84 cards and a beautifully presented companion book of 144 pages.

Dr Spezzano has worked for 28 years as a marriage counsellor, therapist and internationally acclaimed workshop leader. He runs courses throughout the world, including North America, Europe and Asia and he is the author of numerous self-help works.

This deck is primarily geared towards those seeking love, or those that have just started a new relationship. However, its message can also be relevant to those that have been in a stable relationship for quite some time, for it offers advice on how to keep the relationship alive.

There are four different suits in this deck and the cards are not distributed evenly between them. The suits are: Healing (12 cards), Luck (25 cards), Grace (5 cards) and Problem (42 cards).

The Problem cards are considered traps in your relationship. If they appear in your spread, the idea is to keep redrawing cards until you receive a Healing, Luck, or Grace card. The problem cards are said to represent the different layers that require healing before you can move onto a more positive stage - represented by the Healing, Luck, or Grace card.

The companion book is hard-covered, printed in glossy colour, and is a handy size (measuring 16.5cm x 14cm). It contains information on how to use the cards, as well as a comprehensive meaning on each card, and how to interpret the card if you receive it in your spread. There are also tips for readers and eleven different spread layouts and sample readings. Towards the back of the book, the author provides eight different healing principles to help you change your life, should you receive trap cards in your spread.

The artwork is by Debbie Lush and can be described as a dreamy cartoon-style. The artwork is very similar to another of Spezzanos decks (The Enlightenment Pack), though that was illustrated by a different artist.

The book says: "The Love Pack (Romance Deck) is an entertaining and informative set of eighty-four cards that can reveal what influences are at work in our love lives. It can be used to discover the love potential of certain partners, through the recognition and resolution of problems that hold us back form opening up to love in general or with a specific partner."

The back of this deck is the same for each suit. It shows a beautiful blue sky with a few white, fluffy clouds. The face of the cards has a different coloured border, depending on the suit.

The Healing Suit has a green border around the face of the cards. They contain the principles for life. They can be used to heal negativity and turn traps into gifts of awareness and confidence. They offer us the ability to enjoy the love and the revelry that comes with it. Cards in this suit include: Self Love, Communication, Letting Go, Trust and Commitment.

The Luck Suit has a yellow border around the face of the cards. They contain cards that provide both enjoyment and answers. They can make us happy, set our lives in a pleasant rhythm and give us direction. As gifts, they can be a useful antidote to the Problem suit. Cards in this suit include: Romance, Orgasm, Dream Come True, True Love and Irresistibility.

The Grace Suit has a pink border around the face of the cards. They contain the gifts that represent Gods love for us. If we acknowledge them, these gifts will be present in any situation. They are there to provide help, answers and happiness, even in the worst situations. The Grace suit reveals the light in the darkness. Cards in this suit include: Beauty, Joy, Grace, Happiness and Love.

The Problem Suit has a purple border around the face of the cards. They contain cards that represent the traps and problems that hold us back in romance and relationships. Awareness of these issues represents the first step in clearing them. Cards in this suit include: Cynicism, Trap, Old Wounds, Fantasy, and Naivety.

The book contains a wide variety of spreads ranging from a simple three-card spread (Where You are Now, Where You are Going Next, Final Result of this Cycle), to the more complicated Life Patterns spread. I have used the Partnership Potential Reading with much success. The reading requires that you choose a card for each person in the relationship for each position Healing, Love, Friendship, Communication, Trust, Joining, and Fruits of the Relationship. For a prospective relationship, the spread can help identify the likely problem areas so that you can use the healing principles to resolve the issues before they erupt.

This deck does not identify time or the physical appearance of a likely lover. However, it is useful in determining whether you are even at the stage where you are ready and open for love; and also for determining repetitive patterns and providing insights into how to break them.

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Complete Details of Love Pack

Creators: Chuck Spezzano
Publisher: Collins & Brown
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 84

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