Moon Tarot Decks

Moon cards, lunar oracles and Tarot decks.

Attuned: A Moon Cycle Deck

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The Attuned: A Moon Cycle Deck features 28 cards of unique goddess art, inspired by feminine archetypes from Indian, European, African and Native American cultures.

Blue Moon Tarot

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The Blue Moon Tarot cards follow lunar and solar cycles, with imagery that is natural, strongly emotive, pagan and multicultural. The original 22 cards have been re-released as a limited edition.

Energy Oracle

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The Energy Oracle was developed the cyclic nature of energy. Each of the 30 cards features an image of the moon, digitally manipulated under the guidance of spiritual and meditative connection, capturing the essence of each phase of energy. The Energy Oracle is an explosive deck of colour which enables the user to shift their focus to a more positive direction. Available in a limited edition from the artist, with a standard edition following.

Moon Angel Deck

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The Moon Angel Deck has 29 cards of original gouache paintings following the cycle of the moon, designed to help us connect more deeply with our emotional and subconscious lives. The deck is inspired by Yiddishkeit wisdom and the divine feminine in Judaism. Self-published and available from the artist.

Moon Oracle

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The Moon Oracle follows the rhythms of the moon in its 72 cards. It is an introduction to lunar astrology, and has cards for the moon phases, moon mansions, and lunar goddesses.

Moon Tarot Selena

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The Moon Tarot Selena is a Russian deck of 60 cards designed for lunar practical magic, illustrating hidden, unconscious and irrational energies. The deck has 4 cards with images of the Goddess of the moon, 4 suits of 7 cards, each describing a passing sequence of the moon, and 28 cards showing the influence of the lunar mansions.

Moonology Oracle

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The Moonology Oracle has 44 attractive cards dedicated to the phases of the moon and the lunar influence. There are 8 moon phase cards, 12 new moon cards, 12 full moon cards, plus cards for special moon phases such as eclipses and super moons.

Priestess Moon Oracle

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The Priestess Moon Oracle is a 33-card, vibrant oracle deck with an Ancient Egyptian meets Alice in Wonderland vibe. The deck was created by Australian artist Megan Fraser, and is a selection of her artworks spanning over 20 years. Self-published and available in a limited edition of 100 sets.

Tarot of a Moon Garden

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The Tarot of a Moon Garden is a feminine, romantic deck with a fantasy feel. Butterflies, unicorns, castles, and faeries are everywhere in this enchanted garden, and it's a nice, pretty deck.

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