Moonology Oracle

Moonology Oracle

The Moonology Oracle has 44 attractive cards dedicated to the phases of the moon and the lunar influence. There are 8 moon phase cards, 12 new moon cards, 12 full moon cards, plus cards for special moon phases such as eclipses and super moons.

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Card Images from the Moonology Oracle

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Moonology Oracle Review by medusawink

The moon has always been a source of magic, inspiration, and guidance to mystics and seers. Whether paled by the sun’s light while drifting through days or illuminating the nightscape with her glowing, sometimes secretive face, the moon has the power to guide us. The lovely Moonology Oracle Cards tap into lunar powers to help us unlock the future, and gain insight and mastery over our lives.

The Moonology Oracle is a deck of 44 cards which is effectively divided into four suits. The first suit comprises of eight Moon Phase cards – New Moon, Waxing Crescent Moon, First Quarter Moon, Gibbous Moon, Full Moon, Disseminating Moon, Third Quarter Moon, and Balsamic Moon.

The 12 New Moon cards describe the energy of the waxing moon as it moves through the signs of the zodiac. These are essentially new energies, new paths, new beginnings, and are about taking action and starting things.

The 12 Full Moon cards are about peaks, cumulative effects, the rounding off and closure of matters. They can also denote the end of a cycle. All three of these cycles are a monthly lunar occurrence.

Special Moon cards are considered to be wild cards and are indicated by unusual astrological lunar activity such as Blue Moon, Void-Of-Course, Supermoon, Full Moon Eclipse and so forth.

The cards measure 90 x 128 mm which is not an unusual size for oracle cards, but if you are used to using tarot cards they are both broader and longer than most average decks. The card stock is sturdy and light with a moderate degree of flexibility. The corners are rounded which helps prevent chipping and wear and tear along the edges.

The cards have a flat, no-sheen finish and pleasant satiny texture. The drawback with this powdery finish is that sometimes the cards can be difficult to separate and prone to clumping together. This type of finish can also sustain scratch marks from surfaces and fingernails if you are not careful so sheath your claws and make sure you use a card cloth when you do a reading and everything will be fine.

The print quality is excellent. Given that these cards rely on the subtleties of darkness and the night sky, getting a balance of light, dark and glowing colour is quite an achievement. The images are clear and crisp yet delicate, and there are no colour bleeds, blurring, or misprints.

How many different ways can you paint the moon one may ask, and yet each and every moon depicted in this deck is individual and unique. It would be easy for an artist to simply digitally manipulate same image over and over again but Nyx Rowan has chosen to give the moon her due and acknowledge that every night shows us a different face. The artwork appears to be mixed media – some digital manipulation superimposed upon pleasing watercolour paintings. The artist's palette focuses largely on twilight colours – lavender, magenta, violet, aqua, deep blue, turquoise, pale green, and the mysterious gold of the glowing moon. In the New Moon cards astrological illustrations in black or white are depicted beneath the shadow of the moon, and superimposed on her face in the Full Moon cards.

These cards have no borders to the images, the titles and the principal divinatory meaning are given on a grey strip near the bottom of the image. The design on the back of the cards features the phases of the moon in pale blue and white on a navy background and is not reversible.

The Moonology Oracle comes packaged in a solid cardboard box with lift off lid. The base is black which is speckled with tiny stars, and printed with information about the deck, its creator and the artist as well as publishing and pricing information. The inside of the box is papered with a watercolour illustration of the Moon's surface. The lid likewise is black but features one of Nyx Rowan’s paintings of the moon as well as mysterious shapes which could be pine trees or icicles or (whatever you imagine them to be) in shades of pale and deep blue. The title of the deck is printed in silver foil, and the inside of the lid features the same lunar landscape and the exhortation "Let the Moon be your guide". The box office good protection for the cards and is slim enough that it could be dropped into a backpack or shoulder bag without taking up noticeable room or weighing it down. As always, with cardboard boxes, if you don't take care of them sooner or later they will become damaged and no longer serve their purpose.

The 120 page guidebook is written by astrologer and moonologist Yasmin Boland, and all the instructions are in English. The introduction outlines what the cards purpose is – Creating your life; Planning your life; Predicting your life. Included here is also a blessing for your cards, which is a small ritual in which you introduce yourself to the deck. The next chapter titled "The Wisdom of the Moon" continues along the same theme and expands the information, discussing the magic of the moon and its users. The author also makes clear that the guidebook is a starting point and the Seeker is expected to develop their own unique ways of interpreting the cards as they become more familiar with them.

A short chapter outlines the phases of the moon and establishes how this works in relation to divination. This is followed by a lengthy chapter on how to work with the cards. This chapter outlines how the deck is structured, what each suit of cards broadly relates to, how to apply the interpretations to a reading, and how each interpretation is structured. In this chapter are several layouts – the Celtic Cross, a number of three-card spreads including past-present-future, New Moon and Full Moon, and a Waxing Moon four-card spread.

Each card has its own two-page mini chapter, which is headed by a black-and-white reproduction of the card. A comprehensive description of the meaning of the card is given. Each card also has an affirmation or mantra which is listed under the header "Attune To the Moon". There are also additional meanings for each card, and as you become more familiar with the deck you will be able to discern which if any of these additional meanings is relevant to your reading. Each card also has a teaching which may relate to the astrological sign the moon is moving through, the phase of the moon, or the unusual lunar activity the card represents. These divinatory meanings cover a wide range of positive and negative emotions, states, psychic and intellectual activities, and offer a broad range of helpful advice suggested activities, guidance and direction. Each chapter also includes a 'teaching ' which is based solidly and solely in astrological interpretations of the moon's activities and influence.

This is an unusual oracle deck which will have appeal to both budding and seasoned astrologers. It is beautifully illustrated, well considered and planned, and deals with a broad range of topics. If you are enchanted by the moon or fall under its mesmerising influence this deck will help to unravel the whys and make the most of the wherefores.

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Complete Details of Moonology Oracle

Creators: Yasmin Boland
Publisher: Hay House 2018
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 44
Card Size: 3.54 x 5.04 in. = 9.00cm x 12.80cm
Card Language: English
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: Circular pattern of the moon cycles
Companion Material: 120 page guidebook by astrologer and moonologist Yasmin Boland is packaged with the cards

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