Nature Spirit Tarot

Nature Spirit Tarot

The Nature Spirit Tarot interprets tarot symbolism through the living and vibrant world of nature. The 78 cards are illustrated with plants, birds, insects, and reptiles from diverse environments. The deck is self-published in a large 4x7 inch format along with a 188-page companion book, and available from the artist.

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Card Images from the Nature Spirit Tarot

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Nature Spirit Tarot Review by Jill Scott

Today I was blessed with the Nature Spirit Tarot in a very heavy box, biggest I've ever had a deck come in before. It was not what I was expecting. This deck is a self published edition by Jean Marie Herzel, but you would never know it!

The box, book and deck are of the highest quality, as good as any publishing house has ever produced and far better than most. The box is sturdy, and the amazing companion book is full color and significant. The cards are very nice card stock, not too thin yet not too thick. They will most likely not fold with time. And they are HUGE! Not sure if this will be a plus for everyone, but they are teaching size cards. The size of the cards makes it nearly impossible to shuffle in any traditional way, but if you hate squinting at decks to get all the details then this will be perfect for you. The lovely paintings are very easy to see and beautifully done, but not overly cluttered with details. This deck is easy on the eyes in all the ways you might interpret that statement.

The cards are gorgeous paintings that Ms. Herzel spent nine years working on. The care and thought that went into them is apparent in every single card. The suits are represented as white calla lilies for Cups, sunflowers for Pentacles, crystals for Wands and actual swords for Swords. They are quite easy to distinguish and not at all confusing. The majors are exquisitely balanced and detailed, and they are labeled In a traditional manner.

The deck is very easy to read even though the courts and minors do not follow the RWS pattern. Intuitive readers will have enough detail to work with, and systematic readers will most likely read the minors as pip cards. The style reminds me of the Herbal Tarot, in that natural world takes precedence in the theme of the deck and, when used with the companion book, becomes an extremely beneficial guide to the natural and spiritual world, often crossing back and forth between them. This is a companion book you will want to read. It is entitled, "Encounters With Nature and the Journey of the Soul".

The back of the decks is quite beautiful, featuring a reversible design, and the fibrous green mat the design is set in, really gives it that outdoor feel. If you are a fan of the Wildwood, Herbal or Wild Unknown tarots, this deck will appeal to you. The only thing which may present an issue to some is the large size of the cards; but after I used them a while I realized it was a pleasure to be able to go so deep into those large rich images; and you can't do that as easily with smaller decks of a more convenient size.

Ms. Herzel is not on Facebook, and I would love to help her share this amazing deck, wouldn't you? So share this in your groups and on your pages and with friends. This deck is a gift the world needs to see and truly needs to experience.

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Complete Details of Nature Spirit Tarot

Creators: Jean Marie Herzel
Publisher: Self Published 2015
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Card Size: 4.00 x 7.00 in. = 10.16cm x 17.78cm
Card Language: English
Companion Material: An 188 page guidebook, which includes a small color picture of each card, is included in the set with the deck.

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