Oracle of Echoes

Oracle of Echoes

The Oracle of Echoes is a vivid 50-card deck divination system and intuitive oracle, that explores the inner reflections of the human psyche, delving into both light and dark aspects of life.

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Card Images from the Oracle of Echoes

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Oracle of Echoes Review by medusawink

Artist Ana Cristina Tourian, creator of the sublime and ethereal Claire De lune Lenormand has turned her talents to creating an new divination deck and the Oracle of Echoes is every bit as gorgeous as its predecessor.

This is a 50-card deck which aims to explore the inner realms of the Seeker’s psyche, and functions as a portal into one's intuitive and psychic senses. The images employed by Tourian are fluid, intuitive, and dreamlike – focusing on powerful psychological symbols, surreal imagery, and both the bright hopeful areas of our inner lives, as well as the dark, and confusing corners.

The cards reflect activities in the material realm and its astral/non-temporal counterpart with titles such As Journey, Home, A Warning, A Gift, Rest, The Moon, Look to Nature. The spiritual side is explored through concepts such as Awaken Inner Force, Spirit Guides, God Speaks, Goddess Speaks, The Crone, Spirit Heals, Beyond the Veil. States of being are delineated by cards such as Self Sabotage, Vulnerability, Depression, Fear, Healing, while psychological concepts are typified by cards such as Transformation, Balance, Breakthrough, New Horizons, Shadow Self, and Symbiosis. They are also cards which give direct instructions such as Let Go, Create Space, Look Within.

These cards have titles but no numbers, no suits, and no Arcana. The cards measure 70 x 120 mm which makes them closer in size to tarot cards than the normally large format used for oracle decks. The card stock is outstanding – light and flexible without being flimsy or prone to chipping. They have a smooth, satiny finish which facilitates easy handling and shuffling. The print quality likewise is outstanding with the tiny details and luminous colours of each card reproduced without blurring, misprints, or colour bleeds.

The creative process for this deck was interactive, with the artist inviting her audience to contribute suggestions for the cards they wished to see in an oracle deck. The artist's palette is broad and subtle, harnessing all the potential that the medium of watercolour gives. Rather than rigidly structured pictures these images are delicately abstract and tap into the world of dreams and symbols. Very few of the images are concrete but rather have a strange melting quality, congruent with dream and vision states.

There are no borders to the images but rather a black ledge at the bottom of the card on which the title is printed in a plain white font. The image on the back of the cards – a fiery flower on a black and red background – is not reversible, however oracle decks rarely include reversed cards and meanings. The cards come packaged in a close-fitting cardboard box, which will keep the cards in fine condition if it is not handled roughly or treated carelessly.

The cards come with no instruction, however upon purchase of the deck the buyer is given a pin number which gives them access to a downloadable PDF from the artist’s homepage.

The interpretations for the cards, offered by the artist are intended to be guidelines rather than rigid definitions. Ana Cristina Tourian does not seek to limit potential divinatory meanings that may be developed by the user through extensive use of the cards. The artist recommends that the Seeker consecrate their deck – a simple ritual such as passing it through incense smoke or exposing it to the moon's light. It is also suggested that the Seeker takes the time to build a relationship with their deck, which is good common sense advice since strong ties to one’s deck will result in better readings.

Each entry features a full-colour, full-size reproduction of the card. There is a brief description of the image and details of its meaning is given. Generally, the cards address issues of personal and spiritual development rather than events pertaining to material matters. While many of the cards focus on what could be deemed 'negative experiences’ the advice given is intended to help the Seeker surmount these obstacles and defeat their inner demons. On the whole however, this oracle is expansive, positive, and uplifting.

Included in the printable PDF are two layouts; Revealing Truths is a 6-card layout looking at possible outcomes based on the Seeker's current choices. The Shadow Spread is a 7- card layout intended to explore all aspects of a question.

This oracle deck is a little different in that it is relatively compact in comparison to other oracle decks currently in publication, which makes it easily transportable, and quite flexible in application. It has been well thought out and the advice given is sensible, insightful, and compassionate. The artwork is vivid and appealing, and well-suited to the intentions of this deck.

If you are looking for something a little different in an oracle deck I highly recommend that you look into the Oracle of Echoes. If you are looking for an oracle deck that features unique artwork then this deck has considerable appeal. Whether you are a novice or an old hand at using oracle decks for divination or guidance the Oracle of Echoes is user-friendly and wise.

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Complete Details of Oracle of Echoes

Creators: Ana Tourian
Publisher: Self Published 2016
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 50
Card Size: 2.75 x 4.75 in. = 6.99cm x 12.07cm
Card Language: English
Back Design: Red, yellow and black flower design
Companion Material: Free PDF companion guide.

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