Parfait Amour Tarot

The Parfait Amour Tarot (or Perfect Love Tarot) is a dreamy, photographic collage deck. It has only major arcana, and is from Italian small-print publishers, Hermatena. Available in a limited edition of 500 decks.

Created by Will Parfitt
Tarot Deck - 22 Cards - Hermatena 2006

Card Images from the Parfait Amour Tarot

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More About These Cards

Name: Parfait Amour Tarot
Creators: Will Parfitt
Publisher: Hermatena 2006
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 22
Major Arcana: 22
The Fool is 0
Strength is 11
Justice is 8
Card Language: English
Card Back: Reversible
Back Design: Red, white and orange design.

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