Psychic Tarot Decks

Tarot cards and oracle decks designed to help uncover or develop psychic powers and insights.

Dreaming in Color: Luman Deck

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The Dreaming in Color: Luman Deck is a meditative, intuitive, channeling deck, designed specifically to teach people how to advance their own psychic powers. The art is a vibrant and lovely combination of fractals, flowers, nature scenes and dreamscapes.

Little Ted Psychic Fortune Telling Deck

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The Little Ted Psychic Fortune Telling Deck is very, very cute. Teddy bears looking confused, falling out windows and on sideshow rides. Each card has a predictive phrase and hand drawn and coloured art. Original.

Psychic Tarot

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The Psychic Tarot is a hybrid tarot/oracle deck. It has 22 major arcana (retitled), four suits of nine numbered cards, and seven chakra cards. The art is non-traditional but attractive, and is designed to be intuitive.

Tarot Kit for Teens

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Maria Shaw's Tarot Kit for Teens is a youth-oriented set designed for teens who want to discover their psychic abilities. The set includes the Universal Tarot deck, and a basic book by Maria Shaw that introduces that cards, how to read them, and various tarot spreads.

Trust Your Vibes Oracle

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The Trust Your Vibes Oracle cards is a 52-card deck from famous intuitive, Sonia Choquette. The set is designed to strength your psychic awareness and can be used as a 'psychic training system' or for guidance and insight.

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