Reality Transurfing Tarot

Reality Transurfing Tarot

Also known as Tarocchi dello Spazio delle Varianti

The Reality Transurfing Tarot is a very non-traditional tarot deck (more of a 78-card oracle) based on 'transurfing' - Vadim Zeland's method of manifesting and controlling your own reality. The deck has 78 cards but is built around tts own system rather than standard tarot.

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Card Images from the Reality Transurfing Tarot

Reality-Transurfing-Tarot-1 Reality-Transurfing-Tarot-2 3Reality-Transurfing-Tarot- Reality-Transurfing-Tarot-4 Reality-Transurfing-Tarot-5 Reality-Transurfing-Tarot-6 Reality-Transurfing-Tarot-7 Reality-Transurfing-Tarot-8

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Reality Transurfing Tarot Review by Reall

I got the chance to review this deck in a same time with Osho Zen Tarot and momentarily noticed numerous similarities: the deck and book set is based on original ideas and philosophy and similar design; professional abstract style art paint framed with thin white line on black borders. Connected with a diamond with a number of card (Roman numerals for Majors and Arabic numerals for pips 2-10) or blank (aces and court cards). On the cad bottom is name of the card representing Trensurfing ideas and concepts, all minors have name of the suit and word representing their meaning

Companion book gives short intro to Transurfing ideas. And note this is not a standard Tarot /Oracle deck and is not meant to be used for *divination but for *mastering Transurfing principles and that way ability to choose your reality / create your destiny.

It say you can use this cards whatever you want and explain when you do that you will get advice what you should do now to get best results. And advise to learn one card each day /read text and look at the card and think about it and try to stick to it whole day (I would say better make it 2cards a day - you will learn it faster and understand better!

All cards are renamed and presented in pairs starting with Majors, with accompanying text (if my translation from Russian to English is correct, it's something like this..)

I. THE AWAKENING – (here and now! guidebook mention Magician and present it in par with next card).
II. END OF DREAM – (be awake and present, life is a game you play be objective!)
III. THE CHILDREN OF GOD – (we are creation of good and we have ability to create)
IV. THE BIRTH OF A STAR – (be original, rule your destiny)
V. THE MIRROR OF THE WORLD – (your world is what you think it is/ reflect your perception/thinking)
VI. BOOMERANG – (your thought return to you like a boomerang, reality confirm whatever you think)
VII. THE ILLUSION OF REFLECTION – (be aware of the V, VI, VII look at yourself not mirror)
VIII. THE PINK TWINS – (focus your attention only on bright side of the life)
IX. A SIGH OF RELIEF – (get rid of unnecessary burden limitations /mental etc)
X. LIBERATION – (you’ll accomplish whatever you think is your without giving it to much importance)
XI. CONFIDENCE – (give up thinking something is to important)
XII.BALANCE – (that create balance with the world)
XIII. BEAUTY OF THE SOUL – (soul make us unique and special)
XIV. LOVE YOURSELF – (so other can love you to)
XV. MY GOAL IS I – (take care of yourself and express yourself)
XVI. FAITH – (have faith you can change your reality)
XVII. GUILT – (get rid of it change phrase I had to must etc with I will I am present tense)
XVIII. THE SENSE of YOUR OWN SIGNIFICANCE - give up on it to get it!
XIX. Credo Actor/Master’s principle – (never change yourself live in accordance to your principles)
XX. YOUR OWN PATH/way – (follow the path where is your heart)
XXI. JUDGMENT/VERDICT OF MASTER – (you choose what is right for you)
XXII. THE DECLARATION OF INTENT - (control your thoughts)

Minors are explained in guidebook as a pair as well. The suits are renamed and divided into four groups; Soul and Reason, Action and inaction (note this is translated differently in different languages. In my opinion a better translation for this is ‘inner and outer/external intention’! Hint Castaneda?)

This subdivision is based on the fact that the motivations, thoughts, and behavior of a person, in accordance with the principles of Transurfing, must be balanced by these four aspects.

Court cards are named Guardian/Keeper, Mag, Prestes and Wondered, and pips are aces, ten, and then 9-2. The same way presentation is used for the Soul and Reason suit pairs/explanation, here is how the book presents the cards, with a short description and meaning for each card:

Inner AND EXTERNAL INTENTION/action and passive

Guardian of the Inner intention - Resolve to act
Guardian of External intention - Resolve to have

Mag of Inner intention - Clear the World
Mag of External intention - Wave of Luck

Priestess of Inner intention - The pursuit for reflection
Priestess of External intention - Forming the image 

Wonderer of the Inner intention - World, surrender to me!
Wonderer of the External intention - World, I trust you!

Ace of Inner intention - Reaction of Shell
Ace of External intention - The intention of the master

10 of Inner intention - Rule of the Pendulum
10 of External intention - Rule Of Transurfing

9 of Inner intention - Lowering the importance
9 of External intent - End of the battle

8 of Inner intention - Coordination of intention
8 of External intent - Word Care!

7 of Inner intention - Against the flow/Upstream
7 of External intention - With the flow of variant/Adrift

6 of Inner intention - Habit of mind to remember
6 of External intention - Breaking the stereotypes

5 of Inner intention - Process of visualization
5 of External intention - Slide

4 of Inner of intention - The path to the goal
4 of External intention - Door

3 Inner intention - Relations of dependencies
3 External Intention - Searching for love

2 of Inner intention - Shutting down the pendulum
2 of External intention - Collapse of the pendulum

MIND/reason and SOUL

Guardian of Reason - Incomprehensibility of infinity
Guardian of Soul - Gatekeeper of eternity

Mag of the Reason - Control the destiny
Mag of the Soul - Laziness of the soul

Priestess of the Reason - Mental template 

Priestess of the Soul - Dissatisfaction with the World

Wonderer of the Reason - Inferiority 

Wonderer of the Soul - Self-Sufficiency

Ace of Reason - Making Decisions
Ace of Soul - A Rustle of Morning Stars

10 of Reason - Someone else's goal
10 of Soul - Your goal

9 of Reason - Direct your Intentions
9 of Soul - The Sail of Life

8 of Reason - Pessimism
8 of Soul - The Support

7 of Reason - Repair the scenario
7 of Soul Box - for the soul

6 of Reason - Idealization
6 of Soul - Unconditional love

5 of Reason - Polarization of comparisons
5 of Soul - The Uniqueness of the soul

4 of Reason - Read the mind
4 of Soul - Craving of the soul

3 of Reason - Money
3 of Soul - Comfort Zone

2 of Reason - Allies
2 of Soul Guardian - Angel

References to Tarot are rare and you will hardly find what you are used to see in Tarot, so the best way to approach this deck is to forget ALL you know about Tarot and Oracle and give it a fresh start!

Look at the card and read its meaning and then do the same with the pair card, then think about it and then you may try find some reference with Tarot.

For better understanding I recommend reading Transurfing book 2 "Reality Transurfing 2: A Rustle of Morning Stars”, because this guidebook is based on that and has much the same text! The first book "Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations” is also useful.

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Complete Details of Reality Transurfing Tarot

Creators: Vadim Zeland
Publisher: Macro Edizioni 2013
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Card Size: 2.91 x 4.29 in. = 7.40cm x 10.90cm
Card Back: Works as though reversible
Back Design: Brown circle maze with angel and bull motif on top and bottom over black background
Extra Info: This deck has been published in several editions and languages - these cards are from a Russian edition.

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