Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle

Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle

The Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle is a 36 card Lenormand-style deck from the creator of the Syzygy Oracle. The black cards have simple line drawings of the Lenormand symbols below a colourful circular mandala.

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Card Images from the Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle

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Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle Review by Bonnie Cehovet

For someone that does not really read the Lenormand, I seem to be collecting a lot of them! Lovely things end up in my mail box, including the Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle! I loved Heather’s earlier work (the Sygyzy Oracle), and fell in love with the Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle as soon as I had it in my hands. I also want to thank Heather for including me in here dedication to this deck - I find myself in awesome company!

This is a 36 card deck based on the Lenormand tradition. It allows the reader to look beneath the obvious, and see the concealed in the synchronous patterns of possibility surrounding them. Here we see how interconnected our reality really is! The deck comes with a 15 page companion book (a more extensive, color illustrated version can be downloaded from her website).

The cards are 2 ¾” by 4 ¾”. The backs show a black background, with narrow colored lines inset ½”, and a second set of inset colored lines surrounding a central mandala, which is also in color. The card faces show a black background, with a fine white lined border inset ½”. The card number is in white at the top, with a playing card suit icon on the bottom, with the corresponding card. There is a beautiful mandala on the top half of the card, with a line drawing of the object representing the card on the bottom half.

One of the reasons that I am so drawn to the Sygyzy Oracle, and to the Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle, is Heather’s work with the sacred feminine. She encourages us to use our intuition as a reliable source of information. Too often I find that individuals are aware of their intuitive thoughts, but then choose to second guess them. In her introduction, Heather talks about the Lenormand as offering an “instant, panoramic snapshot of the rippling circumstances in which we are enmeshed, constantly unfurling as we create our own futures”.

We are encouraged to become familiar with each card number, its assigned symbol, and its playing card association. Charts are included in the companion book for the card number and symbol, and for the playing card suit and number association.

Heather is a very gracious lady, and includes references to videos and other material done by others that will help individuals to learn how to read the Lenormand style with ease. She also encourages us to “practice, practice, practice”!

Under “vocabulary”, Heather lists the card numbers, symbol, playing card association, and keywords. For example, card number one has a rider as a symbol, is associated with the 9 of Hearts, and has the keywords arrival/news.

Card number 3 shows the symbol of a ship. It is associated with the 10 of Spades, and carries the keywords travel/foreign connection. The mandala is done in a beautiful pink and green.

Card number 6 shows the symbol of clouds, with the sun peeking out from behind them. It is associated with the King of Clubs, and carries the keywords uncertainty/confusion/ambiguity. The mandala shows a pink center, surrounded by green.

Card number 26 shows the symbol of a closed book. It is associated with the 10 of Diamonds, and carries the keywords mystery/secret/learning/study/education. The mandala is a beautiful pink pattern.

Card number 30 shows he symbol of a lily. It is associated with the King of Spades, and carries the keywords wisdom/maturity/support/elder/healing.

I truly enjoy working with this simple, yet profound deck, and I think that you will too!

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Complete Details of Sacred Mandala Lenormand Oracle

Creators: Heather Mendel
Publisher: Self Published 2014
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 36
Card Size: 2.75 x 4.75 in. = 6.99cm x 12.07cm
Card Back: Reversible
Back Design: Central mandala surrounded by line-drawn borders on a black background
Companion Material: 36-page booklet.

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Theme: Lenormand
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