Tarot of a Moon Garden

Tarot of a Moon Garden

The Tarot of a Moon Garden is a feminine, romantic deck with a fantasy feel. Butterflies, unicorns, castles, and faeries are everywhere in this enchanted garden, and it's a nice, pretty deck.

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Card Images from the Tarot of a Moon Garden

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Tarot of a Moon Garden Review by Winter

The Tarot of a Moon Garden deck was my 8 yr old son's first deck, given to him on his 6th birthday. The cards have been described as very feminine and romantic but we find them, instead, very gentle and magickal. It is the perfect first deck for any young witch or wizard or of course for those young at heart.

The cards are easy to read and are filled with beautiful images and great detail. From the moment they're taken out of the box they seem to exude a kind of soft, magical transendance. For a young reader they're just the thing to open the mind and senses to the "elsewhere".

Reading these cards or having them read for you, transports you to a gentler, more magical time. Every card in the deck, major and minor arcana alike, bring one closer to a more innocent yet mysterious way of being. Even the death and devil cards are done in such  a way as to adhere to the old standards (which I much prefer) and yet  convey the message in a gentle, non-frightening way.

One would be hard put to find a better deck for the up and coming spiritual generation. Indeed, my number 1  recommendation for a child's first set of tarot cards would have to be the Tarot of a Moon Garden.

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Tarot of a Moon Garden Review by Sally

The moon is an enchanted place with whimsical creatures, mysterious caverns, lush jungles and exotic flowers. Sweikhardt weaves the traditional tarot symbolism into her images of a lunar Garden of Eden where there are dragonflies, butterflies, dolphins, dragons and unicorns around every corner. The inspiration card states Welcome to a Realm Where Myth and Magic are the Reality.

Journey into the Moon Garden and reflect on the phases of the lunar energy. It is a very bright, bold, and colorful deck taking you to a time of magic as it weaves traditional tarot symbolism, mythic expression and elemental magic. A tapestry for you to discover. As the Sweikhardt states she started this as a poem, Moon Garden, and from there it blossomed into this wonderful fanciful enchanted deck.

The book is well written, making this wonderful journey to self discovery it presents a simple guide to journey down your own garden path, with meditations, reading and rituals. Also provided are descriptions of each tarot card which has whimsical pictures of child like fantasy and their symbolic meaning.

The book presents a simple guide to journey down your own garden path, with meditations, reading, and rituals. Also provided are descriptions of each tarot card and their symbolic meanings. Also at the back of the book it gives you the Garden Runes!

It will soon be, if it is not already, a collectors item, one you will want for your own collection, or just to have. Great for using and reading children, or for child to explore the Tarot.

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Tarot of a Moon Garden Review by Loretta

Imagine the scene if you will: I'm 15 years old, and I'm looking for a new tarot deck that speaks to me. I'm not satisfied with the very poorly drawn pack that I made myself out of cereal boxes and I lost a few of the cards to my first deck, the Shakespearian Tarot. I'm staying with my mum in Louth and I'm shopping. I see a shop with all kinds of occult type robes in the window so I go in for a look, and end up spending hours looking at the tarot decks (there were about 20 in the shop).

The Tarot of a Moon Garden was the only deck out of them that leapt out at me. It practically screamed "Buy me buy me!" at me. I was captivated by the beautiful images, and it was suitably gothic for taste and whimsical without being too...fairy-ish and soppy. This deck has a lot of character, and my personal favourite card is the Fool card, partly because it was the first card I saw and made me fall in love with the deck, but also because it's so richly coloured and it's the perfect introduction to the deck. You could spend hours just looking at this deck - the imagery is so rich and interesting. Every time I use this deck I find something new - a unicorn peering out from behind a tree or a flower hidden somewhere. A few of the minor arcana could have been a bit more detailed and have clearer meanings, but that's just nit picking on my part because I love the full pictorial decks. I think because some of the meanings don't immediately leap out at you, it encourages you to look closer and see all the details.

All in all, this is a very striking deck, and one of the more unusual decks that just happens to be perfect for the beginner or a child, as it is an interesting but not overly challenging tarot to master. The images are of a type that easily appeal to children and encourage their imagination (it encouraged mine as a teenager, and it still does). It's also a very pretty deck for a collector. The little white book that comes with the deck is fairly average, but I do like the black and white picture of the Temperance card on the front of it! The little book also includes a version of the Celtic Cross Spread so you can start practising your tarot reading skills as soon as you get the deck home.

The cards are the standard US Games size - about 6cm by 13cm - and are glossy and good quality. They don't come in a presentation box as such, but the small cardboard box they come in is very pretty, although it frays easily when you open and close the box to get the deck out a lot.

I can thoroughly recommend this deck to anyone, beginner or experienced, old or young, as long as you have an imagination and an appreciation for bright, yet somehow gothic and mysterious artwork.

One final note - the images of the cards on this website are possibly the only deck that doesn't look too good on screen - they seem slightly dulled down and less vibrant. Please don't let put you off - I don't think they scan very well. In real life these cards are bright, vivid and stunning.

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Tarot of a Moon Garden Review by Niki

My friend bought me in the tradition of Tarot a deck of cards as a gift. I'd occasionally read her's but always struggled to grasp the message the cards gave, like trying to catch a plume of swirling smoke. I unwrapped the set which were my very own, the 1st deck of Tarot cards I had ever owned in my entire 12 years. I closed my eyes and held them to my heart, eyes closed allowing my mind to run freely wherever it chose.

The deck was The Tarot of the Moon Garden, immediately I felt soothed by it's images of dancing fairies, protective dragons and lush gardens. Every card stirred feelings of hope and dreams achieved, even the cards associated with negative portents such as the flaming crumbling tower, the fearsome, binding devil and the bleak 3 of swords driving pain into hearts. This deck is still my favourite and the ideal first set for anyone wishing to explore the mysteries of the Tarot. I find them deeply emotional, describing how events effect the questioner emotionally rather than detailing events. I and many I've read Tarot for have found this more effective in handling situations shown by the cards, some situations regardless of the details we have beforehand are impossible to experience without leaving deep mental scars, sometimes knowing too many details can fill us with fear leaving us defeated before the fight's begun. However, knowing how an event will affect our state of mind gives us a weapon, no surprises we're prepared to battle whatever life throws on our path, knowing our source of strength gives us hope, it shows us we're not alone we have an ally to rely on, and knowing happiness lies waiting for us gives us hope, gives us the knowledge that bad events or pain wont last forever and we are strong enough to beat them.

I do hope you understand what I'm so desperately trying to convey, I feel these cards empathize with the questioner, place a comforting hand on their shoulder or join in with the cheers when all is well. They are a positive, gentle deck, eager to find positive results from the most negative events, but not give you a false hope, a false sense of security, keen to show events you'll face, keen to reassure you of their support.

They can be mischevious, I've never found any other deck with such personality, prone to mood swings if they're not treated right giving absolutely nothing to read, deathly silent especially if you query their advice. You know what i mean, we read a friends cards but she doesnt like the advice the cards gave so wants them done again, this will make the cards sulk "I've told you once, take my advice or dont, but dont try and manipulate the outcome" My cards hate to be left in the dark or quiet preferring to be in the main room of the house where there's life, they get offended if the questioner treats it all as a joke, a party trick, sceptics are fine they at least show a level of respect so again they'll give nothing away if they're not offered a deserved respect. They will make you work so hard, offering no help if they think you're making money out of them, if the questioner chooses to reward your interpretation that's fine, but ask for something from someone especially those in real need of the cards advice and they'll only give you the minimum details and cryptic clues. The real mischief occurred when on occasions I've attempted a spread while under the influence! Pointing you in one direction before doing a complete turn and contradicting everything just said. Dancing around you holding the facts just out of reach and laughing as you chase them for the details. Finding glee in your clumsiness before hiding away.

The fantasy beings depicted sum up perfectly these cards, encouraging the reader to dig deeper into a world of plenty, always offering encouragement dependable caring and not as serious as many other Tarot decks.

This is a set everyone should read at least once; they bring a rare innocent, childlike quality to an art often daunting when first practiced.

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Tarot of a Moon Garden Review by S.V.

I wasn't really into Tarot cards. I used playing cards, because frankly, they have only 52 cards and when you carried them, people didn't think you were a weirdo or whatever. And especially for a 14-year-old in high school, being weird is not the #1 choice. Yet, there I was, my eyes gazing on limited titles of Tarot cards. I felt that some of them really hated me--I could feel their vibrations and all--but there was something attractive about the title "Tarot of a Moon Garden." (especially for a Cancer.)

So I opened the box and looked at them. They were very soothing, but they were also very alert. I knew they liked me, and I liked them. I think the first two cards I'd picked out were the 3 of Pentacles and the 5 of Pentacles. I forgot exactly what the first thing I asked them was, but I remembered that I knew what they meant without looking at the little manual. It was only 50% of me doing that--50% came from the cards, which were opening my mind and coming in the door without knocking. The storeperson told me that he'd let me have them for 10$ instead of 14$ because he saw that this deck and I really connected.

And we did. I spent the rest of the evening looking up new spreads and things. I talked to them out loud and picked up cards. They seemed to have a personality behind them that wasn't too different from my own (each deck has a personality. Moon Garden's is fairly serene, easy to deal with and insightful but a big difference from my boisterous, excitable playing card deck.) It wasn't too long before I brought them to school and did readings for people, not afraid of being weird. I remember the first person to ask was one of those girls--you know, the ones that act annoying in groups but are nice when they're alone. She was shocked by the accuracy of my readings--I didn't really have to look at the manual (although for most manuals, this one is particularly easy to understand) and told all her friends, and soon I was doing all sorts of readings for many different people.

The cards themselves are rectangular--longer than they are wider. They use traditional symbolism. While the art is clearly outlined and detailed, it is also very dreamy. To speak deeply, it seems to just channel information to you. This deck is particularly good for people who want to work on their intuition--this is not one of those decks where you have to memorize anything. This deck is amazing! So really, buy it. I'd say its a good first deck, but its also a good second or third deck.

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Complete Details of Tarot of a Moon Garden

Creators: Karen Sweikhardt
Publisher: US Games 1994
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Deck Tradition: Rider-Waite-Smith
Minor Arcana Style: RWS-Based Scenes
Suits: Cups, Swords, Staffs, Pentacles
Court Cards: Page, Knight, Queen, King
The Fool is 0
Strength is 8
Justice is 11
Card Size: 2.75 x 4.75 in. = 6.99cm x 12.06cm
Card Language: English
Card Back: Reversible
Back Design: Tree image with moon, flowers and a butterfly.

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