Tarot of Loka

Tarot of Loka

The Tarot of Loka is a family card game set in the fantasy world of Loka, illustrated by Ralph Horsley and designed by Alessio Cavatore. The deck is inspired by medieval tarot and pays homage to tarot's origins as a card game. It can be used for the Tarot of Loka game, as a tarot deck, or as a playing card set.

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Card Images from the Tarot of Loka

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Complete Details of Tarot of Loka

Creators: Alessio Cavatore, Ralph Horsley
Publisher: River Horse 2014
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo 2015
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 80
Major Arcana: 24
Minor Arcana: 56
Minor Arcana Style: Plain Pips
Suits: Air, Earth, Fire, Water
Court Cards: Jack, Knight, Queen, King
Card Language: English

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