Unpublished Tarot Decks

These unpublished Tarot decks are in-progress, digital only, personal projects, seeking publishers, unreleased, and sometimes even unfinished. All artists welcome feedback on their creations.

Decks once listed on this page that have since been published include Paola Angelotti's Tarot, Victoria Regina Tarot and Golden Tarot.

Many others are now available in self-published editions.

A Passage in Time Tarot * seeking a publisher
A Quantamplation Tarot * seeking a publisher
Afrot Tarot * seeking a publisher
Aix Tarot * seeking a publisher
Alabaster Tarot
Alchemist Tarot
Amun Ra Tarot
Aquatic Tarot
Archeology of the Soul Cards
Atalanta Pendragonne's Tarot
Banx Tarot
Bapst-Hall Tarot * seeking a publisher
Big Water Tarot
Black Tarot
Canje's Cartomancy in Collage
Caracol Tarot
Carvin Rinehart Tarot
Colman-Smith Tarot
Compass of Fate
Crazy Little Cows Tarot
Crystal's Costuming Tarot
Deck of the Dreamers
Dementia Tarot
Discordian Tarot
Disney Afternoon Tarot
Diva Tarot
Downing Tarot
Dreamfire Tarot
Dreams Tarot * seeking a publisher
Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck
Eclectic Bronze Age Tarot
Eklektikos Tarot * seeking a publisher
Esther's Australia Deck * seeking a publisher
Everyday Enchantment Tarot
Fairy-tale Tarot
Feral Tarot
Firewheel Tarot
FOO Tarot
Four Elements Tarot
Geometric Tarot
Glamour Tarot
Goddess Oracle
Greight Bits of Tarot * seeking a publisher
Hugobian Tarot
Imperatrix Tarot
Karacol Tarot
Kayne's Celtic Tarot
Kitsune Tarot
Language of Flowers Tarot * seeking a publisher
Langustl Lenormand
Lilibel Tarot
Lord of Illusions Tarot
Magic of Nature Oracle
Maidenhill Tarot d'Esprit
Major Tom's Tarot
Marco Benedetti's Tarot
Mayan-Olmec Tarot * seeking a publisher
Metrosexual Tarot
Mexican Tarot
Middle Kingdom Tarot
Midnight Soul Tarot * seeking a publisher
Monument Tarot
Morbidly Adorable Tarot
Mythic World Tarot
New Discordian Tarot
New Millennium Tarot
Nijinsky Tarot
North Star Tarot * seeking a publisher
Orange Luna Tarot * seeking a publisher
Paul O'Mara Tarot * seeking a publisher
Personal Power Tarot
Personal Tarot
Philosopher's Stone Tarot
Power of Four Colours Tarot
Psychology-Magic Professional (PMP) Tarot
Quel Tarot * seeking a publisher
Quilter's Tarot
Rainbow Bridge Oracle
Raven's Tarot
Rising Sun Spirit Tarot
Romanov's Dynasty Tarot
Sacred Art Tarot
Sailor Tarot
Saint Seiya Tarot
Sash's Tarot
Seekers Tarot
Sense of Knowing
Shadow Animal Oracle Cards
SilkSatin Tarot
Simple Wisdom of the Household Dog
Solstice Tarot
Sophia Wise One Oracle
Spiral Deck
Spirit Vision
Star Trek Tarot
Stormrider Tarot * seeking a publisher
Symbolic Tarot
Taro Slavynik Icons
Tarot Graphica
Tarot Lovers Deck * seeking a publisher
Tarot of Lady McBouth
Tarot of the Autumn Wind
Tarot of the Goddess
Tarot of the Golden Tape * seeking a publisher
Tarot of the Heart People
Tarot of the Midnight Sun
Tarot of the Rishis
Tarot of the World in Colours * seeking a publisher
Tarot Saka * seeking a publisher
Tarot Tags
Temperlyne Tarot
The Book of Azathoth * seeking a publisher
The Oracle of Poets
Three Cats Tarot
Toni Allen Tarot
Totem Animal Tarot
Trusted Tarot
Twilight Tarot
Ursidae Tarot
Van Buren Tarot
Vespertine Tarot
Visual Zodiac * seeking a publisher
Vladimir Strannikov Tarot
Vortex Tarot
Vulpine Tarot
Walter's Tarot
Wild Nature Tarot * seeking a publisher
Wise Cards * seeking a publisher
Witches Picture Book
Wraeththu Tarot