Messages from the Wee Folk

Messages from the Wee Folk

The Messages from the Wee Folk set is designed to help you connect with the Wee Folk and the sacred energies of nature. Despite the name, the images have more than just fairies - there are flowers, insects, dolphins and more. The set has 33 cards and a large 229-page companion book.

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Card Images from the Messages from the Wee Folk

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Messages from the Wee Folk Review by Terri Clement

This thirty-three card oracle and two hundred and twenty nine page companion book, set is designed to help you connect with the Wee Folk and the Sacred Energies of nature.

At first glance, I was a bit surprised at how few Fae Folk are in the deck. After spending some time with the deck and reading the book, this became a very pleasant surprise. The images other than the Wee Folk in this deck include dolphins, flowers, insects, a variety of nature scenes just to name a few. Each card is truly a beautiful work of art.

One card that particularly stands out is titled “Water.” This card shows a waterfall through the trees off in the distance with a rainbow above it. The waterfall flows down to a river, which seems to flow out of the bottom of the card. The water represents the flow of life. Going with the flow instead of against the current. It also talks about following a natural rhythm. The Affirmation for this card is: I AM IN THE FLOW OF LIFE AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE I SHOULD BE.

The cards measure 2 ¾” wide by 4 ¾” tall. They are of a heavier card stock, with a matte finish. They do feel a bit stiff, but should break in easily. The backs of the cards are brown and feature a faerie in the center, with her back up against a tree. She appears to be making a wish while looking up towards the moon.

The book contains much more than card meanings. The first one hundred and thirty pages are dedicated to flower essences, meditations for connecting with Wee Folk and Sacred Energies and Nature Spirit Guides. When describing each card the author includes, Affirmations, Tasks or Faerie Philosophy along with the encouraging insights.

Jennifer also writes about creating a Sacred Place and Healing Circles. There is a large section that provides messages from the Wee Folk, with topics covering Love, Health, Recycling, Mother Earth, Gratitude and Service, just to mention a few. Each topic has a message from Jennifer and a message from the Wee Folk.

Jennifer A. Murphy hails from Bozeman, Montana where she lives with her husband and two children. She holds a Master of Science in Business. She is a writer, intuitive and businesswoman.

Cecile Okada currently lives with her husband and son in Norway. She has illustrated many books and holds a Bachelor of Design from New Zealand. She is an avid practitioner of meditation and she draws on this as her inspiration.

This set would work well for someone wanting a closer connection to the Fae and Nature Spirits. It would work well for one card daily inspiration. It could be easily used by anyone from the novice to professional. This deck has a lot of potential to become a very popular deck.

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Complete Details of Messages from the Wee Folk

Creators: Jennifer Murphy
Publisher: AGM Müller 2009
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 33

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Theme: Fairy

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