Wisdom of the Four Winds

Wisdom of the Four Winds

The Wisdom of the Four Winds is a New Zealand published oracle deck that draw on the natural world for inspiration. The images are softly illustrated and look lifelike and peaceful.

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Card Images from the Wisdom of the Four Winds

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Wisdom of the Four Winds Review by Adrienne Clark

Barry Brailsford MBE, M.A. (Hons), is a highly acclaimed author of Song of Waitaha, Song of the Stone and the Chronicles of the Stone. He now brings us the most beautiful and magickal set of Sacred Path cards I have had the pleasure to own and use - the Wisdom of the Four Winds.

Although these cards are birthed in Aotearoa (New Zealand), ancestors from many lands including Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas speak so divinely through these cards with the wisdom and knowledge of thousands of years ago.

The deck consists of 50 cards - underneath the Star Gate - New Zealand's own Tuatara and the Tree of Life - the beautiful Pohutukawa. The symbolism of these cards include the Animal Spirits of New Zealand and the birthplace of items pertaining uniquely to New Zealand and the shamanic world of our Maori lore. While they speak with the voice of this land, they are also of the wider mystery that touches into many lands and other realms.

An incredible array of card spreads may be used with this deck, all pertaining to the direction of the Four Winds - (N.A. Medicine Wheel). As a Medium/Clairvoyant, these cards open the doorway between the reader and the spirit world, allowing the spirits of the ancestors to move so beautifully through the reading and be the voice of the Four Winds to bring hope and healing into the hearts of the sitter.

If your path is a shamanic path these cards combine beautifully with the Animal Spirits of the Native Americans. It is a delight to be able to bring the heritage and ancestry of my own country into the realms of my shamanic journey. These cards are not only beautiful, with illustrations done by Cecilie Okada, but they come with an exquisite book that details the journey of the Four Winds as well as an understanding of the magick of these cards. Praised by Louise L. Hay and also Jean Houston, Ph.D - these cards come alive in the hands of the reader and bring forth messages of deep wisdom and insight, that cut through the bone to marrow. I recommend them highly.

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Complete Details of Wisdom of the Four Winds

Creators: Barry Brailsford, Cecilie Okada
Publisher: StonePrint Press Ltd
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 50

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