ZigeunerMagic Lenormand

ZigeunerMagic Lenormand

Also known as GipsyMagic Lenormand

The ZigeunerMagic Lenormand is a 52-card expanded Lenormand deck, with the traditional 36 cards plus 9 Spirit Leader cards and 7 Animal Totem cards. The deck and companion booklet are in German, and an English version is in progress.

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Card Images from the ZigeunerMagic Lenormand

Zigeuner-Lenormand-1 Zigeuner-Lenormand-2 Zigeuner-Lenormand-3 Zigeuner-Lenormand-4 Zigeuner-Lenormand-5 Zigeuner-Lenormand-6 Zigeuner-Lenormand-7

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Complete Details of ZigeunerMagic Lenormand

Creators: Marlis Marbacher, Sandy Pfuetsch
Publisher: Self Published 2012
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 52
Card Language: German
Companion Material: Companion booklet in German.

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Theme: Lenormand

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