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Tarot Spreads For You

By Aeclectic Tarot

Tap Fully Into Your Tarot Cards With 40 Tarot Spreads That Will End Your Reading Frustration and Answer Your Every Question!

Introducing Tarot Spreads For You!

Discover the 40 spreads expert tarot readings use, and get real answers to your most important questions, RIGHT NOW...

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Are You Ready For Certainty From Your Readings, Right Now?

Imagine with me for a moment...

You're at a crossroads and you're not sure which is the best way to go...

Something doesn't feel right in your relationship and you're not sure what it is...

You're holding your cards in your hands hoping that this time they give you the answers you need...

You're frustrated again that your readings just don't make sense...

Imagine that there was a simple way to get the answers you need...

And bring you to a place of certainty and comfort about what's ahead of you...

Now you can!


Tarot Spreads For You!

Here's What Tarot Spreads For You Will Do For You...

  • Discover the secret spreads used by expert Tarot readers to read for themselves

  • Reduce the frustration and uncertainty of readings that don't make sense no matter how hard you try

  • No more vague answers to your most important questions - get real and specific information from your cards

  • Beginner friendly! Get up and running with your cards right away - no need to study for hundreds of hours

  • Even if you're already a pro, discover dozens of new spreads for even more satisfied clients

But My Tarot Book Already Came With Spreads, Why Do I Need More...?

It's true that almost every tarot deck comes with that little white booklet with some generic spreads in the back - and always with the Celtic Cross spread.

(How many times have you tried the Celtic Cross and found it just too confusing and it didn't really answer your question? If you're anything like me, a lot!)

You won't find generic, space-filling spreads in Tarot Spreads For You.

Instead you'll find hand-picked spreads created by expert tarot readers, and chosen by other tarot readers because they are effective at getting answers from the cards!

So, by now you're probably wondering what exactly is inside...

Here's A Sneak Peek Inside Tarot Spreads For You...

  • Show Me the Money - Find out exactly what you need to do to find and keep prosperity in your life

  • The Clarifying Love Spread - Find out where you stand, how things really are for the other person, and how your energies flow together

  • The Dread Spread - find out the source of your bad feeling and what you can do to stop the anxiety and regain your life

  • How Does My Sick Pet Feel? - Gain insight into your beloved animal when they can't speak for themselves

  • These are just a teaser of the 40 spreads on every topic you can imagine (and then some) in the complete collection!

Here's Exactly What You Get from Tarot Spreads For You...

  • 40 hand-picked Tarot spreads you won't find anywhere else

  • Easy to follow instructions, diagrams and explanations

  • Spreads especially for love and relationship questions

  • Get insight into questions of career and money

  • Extra spreads for family, pets, creativity and self-awareness

  • PDF eBook delivered instantly to your inbox so you can read them or download them to your favourite device (iPad, Smart Phone, Computer, etc)

Here's What Others Have Said...

"There were gaps in my Tarot knowledge. Luckily I found your eBook and got all the answers I needed. Well done and thank you." - Ted

"Your ebooks are always read every day! They are truly the best thing I found!" - Tara

"Thank you for the Tarot ebook. I love it already." - Lillian

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