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The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection

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Discover The 101 Spreads Expert Tarot Readers Use And Get Accurate Answers From Your Tarot Cards - In Less Than Ten Minutes

Introducing The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection by Aeclectic Tarot!

Discover the spreads expert tarot readers use and bring certainty to your readings, RIGHT NOW...

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Are You Ready For Certainty From Your Readings, Right Now?

Imagine with me for a moment...

You're at a crossroads and you're not sure which is the best way to go...

Something doesn't feel right in your relationship and you're not sure what it is...

You're holding your cards in your hands hoping that this time they give you the answers you need...

You're frustrated again that your readings just don't make sense...

Imagine that there was a simple way to get the answers you need...

And bring you to a place of certainty and comfort about what's ahead of you...

Now you can!


The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection! Created to answer my own knottiest questions with the cards easily, and shared here for you, too.

Kate (aka Solandia)
Tarot reader since 1996
Founder of Aeclectic Tarot

Here's What The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection Will Do For You...

  • Discover the secret spreads used by expert Tarot readers to read for themselves

  • Reduce the frustration and uncertainty of readings that don't make sense no matter how hard you try

  • No more vague answers to your most important questions - get real and specific information from your cards

  • Beginner friendly! Get up and running with your cards right away - no need to study for hundreds of hours

  • Even if you're already a pro, discover dozens of new spreads for even more satisfied clients

But My Tarot Book Already Came With Spreads, Why Do I Need More...?

It's true that almost every tarot deck comes with that little white booklet with some generic spreads in the back - and always with the Celtic Cross spread.

(How many times have you tried the Celtic Cross and found it just too confusing and it didn't really answer your question? If you're anything like me, a lot!)

You won't find generic, space-filling spreads in The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection.

Instead you'll find hand-picked spreads created by expert tarot readers, and chosen by other tarot readers because they are effective at getting answers from the cards!

So, by now you're probably wondering what exactly is inside the collection...

Here's A Sneak Peek Inside The Collection...

  • Show Me the Money - Find out exactly what you need to do to find and keep prosperity in your life

  • Waiting For The Ring Spread - when you're waiting for someone to call, to text, to propose.. this is the spread for clarity and helpful advice!

  • The Dread Spread - find out the source of your bad feeling and what you can do to stop the anxiety and regain your life

  • How Does My Sick Pet Feel? - Gain insight into your beloved animal when they can't speak for themselves

  • Our Purpose Spread - Find out your true gifts, opportunities to grow, and how you can truly serve

  • These are just a teaser of the 84 spreads on every topic you can imagine (and then some) in the complete collection!

What You Can Expect From The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection..

The collection will help you access answers and information you didn't even know you could get!

Just sit down with your cards, focus on your question, choose the right spread... and get certain answers from your readings today.

Inside Tarot Spreads For You (40 spreads), you'll find original, hand-picked tarot spreads on a general range of topic. Each spread was tried and tested by dozens of readers before being chosen for the book - so you know they work.

Inside Tarot Spreads For Love (24 spreads), you'll get clarity and hope on your love life and relationships from beginning to end.

The Preparing For Love Spread provides you with the tools to be ready for a new relationship - and to be happily single until then.

The Love Spread helps you find out what you and your partner are feeling and wanting, so you can satisfy each other's needs.

And if it has sadly come to that, the Extinguishing The Flame Spread will help you can put out the fire still burning for an ex or someone you can't have.

Inside Tarot Spreads For Personal Growth (20 spreads), you'll find support in the hard times and guidance on where to go in future.

There's the Through the Night Spread, for when you feel rough times are ahead, and need a glimmer of hope.

The Releasing Blocks Spread, which finds the source of emotional blocks in your life and what needs to be done to release them and move forward in your life.

Goal Achievement Spread goes far beyond just telling you a goal is possible, and puts the control back in your hands with the exact steps you need to take.

Inside Three Card Tarot Spreads (19 spreads), you'll discover powerful yet quick and easy spreads using only three cards.

But that's not all.. there are also two fantastic bonuses to really help you with your readings...

The Tarot Guide to Love & Feelings

Questions of the heart can be so hard to answer specifically with tarot cards. In this special guide, each of the 78 cards has been translated to quick and certain meanings for your love readings.

Each card is explained in three aspects: what it means for your relationship, what it means as a person or individual, and what it means as a feeling.

Get precise answers to your most difficult and urgent questions in your love life... find out fast if they will call, what are they really thinking - and how are they really feeling.

The Tarot Meanings Cheatsheet

Easily and quickly understand your cards with our cheatsheet for all 78 cards, including the often difficult court cards!

No more long symbolism explanations, or random lists of opposing keywords like a thesaurus fell in a blender, just 78 clear meanings that you can apply to any tarot deck.

So, Here's Exactly What You Get from The Complete Tarot Spreads Collection...

  • FOUR .pdf Tarot Spreads eBooks with tried and tested spreads created by real tarot readers with years of experience

  • More than 100 original Tarot spreads on every topic that you won't find anywhere else

  • BONUS .pdf Tarot Guide to Love & Feelings for instant answers to your questions of love and romance

  • BONUS .pdf Tarot Meanings Cheatsheet with 78 quick and clear interpretations for fast readings

  • All of the eBooks delivered instantly to your inbox so you can read them or download them to your favourite device (iPad, Smart Phone, Computer, etc)

Right now, on this page only...

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Here's What Others Have Said...

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Thanks for your time! I can't wait for you to end the frustration with your cards and start getting real clarity on your life, so you can feel confident and certain in your present - and your future.

Enjoy your journey with the cards,

Aeclectic Tarot