Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

As Travel: Travel to lake, river or sea, or by water.

As Change and Movement: As with the Teen years, this card can indicate changes that involve emotional ups and down. The mood in the querent's environment, with friends or family, might switch rapidly from elation to depression, from sorrow to optimism. Especially in regards to a relationship this card can indicate a time of emotional flux, of fights about feelings.

As a Teen or "Teen-like" Person: A knight in the truest sense, this is the knight of love, the "emo" teen: dreamy, sensitive, moody, "deep." He plays music, spends long hours alone in his room with the shades drawn, he writes dark, meaningful poetry. He or she will fall in love, profoundly and romantically, and believe that theirs is the most true, the most intense and spiritual love ever.

They can, likewise, see themselves as more spiritual, artistic or "deep" than others. They have a tendency to believe that others just "don't understand" and can't understand the power of their feelings.

The Knight of Cups should be watched for depression, which can be very real and serious. This teen or teen-like person may be so lost in emotions that they are inclined toward suicide. They are also in danger of experimenting with drugs and alcohol, not to have fun, but to escape from their intense feelings.

Though moody, the Knight of Cups is fiercely loyal to anyone and anything he loves, including family.

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