Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

As a Message: Usually the Page of Cups signifies a message of family matters or a matter of the heart. It might be an artistic message, a story or poem, or a message confessing deep feelings.

As Time and Environment: This is a time of fresh emotions, feeling them purely and wondering at them. Romance is at the stage of puppy love and crushes.

As a Child or "Child-like" Person: This is the daydreamer, head in the clouds, rarely paying attention. Which makes it difficult to get them to focus on homework or chores.

The Page of Cups has got a great imagination, an artistic bent, and a love of story-telling which is both wonderful, but problematic, as they may let their imaginations run away with them. They will believe that there are elves in the garden and monsters under the bed. Adult-wise, they may not be taken serious as they're viewed as too "airy-fairy."

Very kind and sweet, they'll bring you fresh picked flower, make you a card, write you a song; they'll try to rescue sick birds or abandoned kittens, and take very seriously the death of a goldfish. When sad, they're the saddest kid you ever saw. When happy, they're positively blissful.

Warn the querent, however, that being "immature" this person will be overly sensitive. One has to be clear with them or they will misunderstand, but one also has to be prepared for very emotional reactions.

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