Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

As a development: Developing a romance, psychic powers, or the growth of a family.

As an adult woman: Often a healer, counselor or psychic, this is a woman who seems to know what's wrong even before you open your mouth. Call her the emotional fix-it woman or the ultimate "mom," but she seems to have exactly the right solution to problems relating to family, friends, love.

Sometimes she is so shy and self-effacing you might not even notice her; other times she can be a little scary, dreamy, mysterious, possessing otherworldly powers or a spiritual connection. She can be a creative storyteller or artist. Also, devoutly spiritual in her own way.

Affectionate and loving, she hugs, heals, and bakes cookies for her children. Her intuition is uncanny and her temper...well, it runs very deep and you don't ever want it turned against you. Talk about scary.

Unfortunately, this is also a queen who can suffer from hormonal imbalances, depression, moodiness, alcoholism, delusions and drug addiction. She is not above emotional manipulation, playing the fragile female who needs protecting, the invalid who needs tending, or the sensitive who can't be told bad news. At her best, however, she has is a well of emotional support and empathy that never runs dry. She will always be there for you.

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