Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

As a development: Making real a business, altering a work situation, or developing an exercise or health plan.

As an adult woman: This is the practical, down-to-earth woman. She might, in fact, be an Earth Mother type going for organic living, home gardens, and making her own home improvements, or a farmer's wife, tending chickens, knitting sweaters and canning jams. But she could also be one of the rich and famous.

Rich or not, it is likely that she also owns her own successful business, be it cookies she bakes at home and sells at local coffee houses, a small shop or a multi-national corporation. Her accounting is scrupulous, but that doesn't mean she's afraid to spend. She loves beautiful things and, if she is on the wealthy side, will spare no expense to decorate her homes with the perfect paintings, furniture, and trinkets. Her wealth and taste will be evident in her dress, jewelry and make-up as well.

An enthusiastic outdoors woman, she's always encouraging friends and family to exercise, and she loves her outdoor gardens as much as her indoor home. As in work, nothing less than giving her all to her family will do for the Queen of Pentacles. She wants them to have the best so they can succeed. Her children may not have the best, but they will never want; they will appreciate that their mother works hard to make sure they get what they need, and that their family is steeped in good values and traditions. The Queen of Pentacles expectations may put a lot of pressure her children, more than she realizes.

Also, this Queen's pragmatism, her dislike of anything strange or distasteful, may exclude anything unique or imaginative - solutions as well as people. Even as an unconventional Earth Mother type, the Queen of Pentacles will want her children to fit in with her community, its values and traditions. Her children or partner may feel that they can't be themselves and still be loved.

At her best, however, this is the Queen of success. She has the patience, good sense and determination to make things happen. She knows how to make dreams a reality.

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