Pages Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Pages can symbolize children, or very youthful folk, or people who are very new at something and just starting at it, whatever it may be. They are apprentices or newbies. The energy of the suit they carry is in the "earth stage" meaning that it's rather like a seed planted in the ground. Very physical.

Likewise, Pages can stand for messages, as that is what pages originally did: carry messages. Today, it could be e-mails, gossip, telephone calls, a letter.

So we have two ways to examine our pages reversed. First, the negative aspects:

Page of Swords Reversed

Upright, our Page of Swords is a chatty newcomer, interested in just about everything, fully of fresh new ideas and the desire to learn; he may be something of a story teller. He's also clever and likely very good with the computer.

The reversed, negative qualities include lying, gossiping, and being a know-it-all. He may spread stories about people, say inappropriate things, waste his time on the computer in chat rooms, etc. Do not, under any circumstances, trust this person with a secret - they won't keep it.

If upright and not a person, this card is about messages reflecting legal matters, solutions to problems, or amusing stories. If reversed, they may well be messages that contain malicious gossip, inaccurate stories, news of illness or negative legal matters.

Page of Wands Reversed

Upright, our Page of Wands is an energetic, athletic newcomer who won't sit still. They are cheerful, warm, ready to help or come to the rescue, even if, being new, they don't quite know what to do.

Reversed, this Page can be a bully, using their strength and mean temper to get their way. Also a show-off, demanding that everyone pay attention to them. This is the new guy who will take credit for another's work in order to get the promotion.

If upright and not a person, this card is about messages regarding travel, spirituality, show-biz, career moves and leadership positions and party invitations. Reversed these messages are likely to be negatives in regards to this - no, you can't go on that trip, or sorry, you didn't get that job you wanted, or some other actress got the lead part. Also messages regarding problems with a party you might be throwing.

Page of Cups Reversed

Upright, this card is about a very sensitive and gentle newcomer, one with the soul of a poet. Deeply imaginative and empathetic, they will really care about your opinion and try hard to please you.

Reverse this card, and our newcomer is someone who is hard to motivate. They're sad all the time and they'll bring your mood down with them. This is the apprentice who does his work but grudgingly, as if wondering what the point was. They may also weep and cry way too easily and over nothing - dealing with them is hard as you have to walk on eggshells.

If not a person, the upright Page of Cups relates to love letters and messages from your loving family. Reverse this and you can expect sad messages, word of break-ups, divorce, infidelity, alcoholism, drugs. The romance or family in trouble.

Page of Pentacles Reversed

Upright, the Page of Pentacles is a very hardworking newcomer. They don't talk much and they're not very social, but they are honest, diligent, organized. They're also clever with their hands and able to fix things; often also a health nut.

Reversed our Page of Pentacles is one of those new guys who cares too much about money ("Will we be getting overtime?" he'll always ask when you want him to do more). Go out to coffee with him and he will insist on separate checks. He pays only his share. Likewise, his area is his area. Don't step into his cubical, don't touch anything. If not asked to do something, he won't do it. Very unhelpful.

If not a person, Page of Pentacles can be a message regarding money, business affairs, good news about health or luck, winning the lottery even. Reversed and you get the negatives - bad news about money, business, health - and you didn't win the lottery or if you did, you have to pay a lot of taxes.

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