Queens Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

Note: A Queen will likely stand for a woman ("There's a romantic woman coming into your life..." for example). But in an in-depth reading of a certain person, it could stand for that person, who they are, what their position in life is, even if they are male.

Queens are the "hearts" of the kingdom, its life-giving water. Not unlike the Empress, they help it grow, develop and thrive. The King may give the commands to shape what is going to happen, but the queen is the one who has to make sure it happens. Like any good hostess, any woman running a home or helping to run the family business, she is the one who decides how things should be accomplished.

Reversed, therefore, the Queens signal a block to things being accomplished. The water is blocked or dried up, the hostess/housekeeper/business partner cannot do her job. In short, the needs of the kingdom are not being attended to and nothing can grow or develop or come to fruition.

Queen of Swords Reversed

Upright, our cool, Queen of Swords is a very sharp and astute intelligence. Far-sighted, she is the consummate problem-solver, especially when it comes to solving problems in communications - including important communications like radio and television - science or technology. She has all her facts at her fingertips and if she doesn't she knows how to get them.

Personality-wise, a reversed Queen of Swords can also indicate the worst qualities of this Queen. Aloof and distant, cold, cruel even. A woman who uses her information and communication ability without considering other people's feelings or what damage it might do. She wins arguments by saying, "These are the facts and that is that," she says harshly, with no tact at all--or in the nastiest way possible.

The Queen of Swords is all about communications and information, using them to solve problems. Reverse this card and our Queen's ability to solve problems is blocked, as is her access to information. Mental acuity and verbalizing are turned upside-down. These problems may be exterior - things like computers, telephones breaking down, arguments and miscommunication. It could also be interior problems: memory loss, even a stroke.

Queen of Wands Reversed

The Queen of Wands is a Queen of energy and warmth, who is always center stage, even as she directs the action. Hers is a charisma that can get things done whether it's raising money for charity, putting on a play or getting a politician elected. This is the woman with all the connections, all the friends to call or e-mail. She makes things happen.

The negatives of this Queen, however, seen in her reversal, is that she can easily intimidate. You will do things her way. She refuses to listen to the opinions of others, she knows best. She becomes, as discussed, almost a dominatrix, one with a terrible temper if you happen to cross or go against her. And if you fall out of favor with her, she will call all those friends and make sure you are abandoned. The Queen of the social scene will have you snubbed.

The Queen of Wands is the Queen of energy and getting things done by way of energy, faith, charisma and friendship. Reverse her and we have a real lack of energy, a loss of faith. A woman who disappears rather than stands out, a woman who as no friends. Externally, this card could signal a drop in social status, friends are not willing or able to help. Internally, this card could easily signal chronic fatigue syndrome.

Queen of Cups Reversed

The Queen of Cups solves problems with love and affection. She is the empath, the romantic, the intuitive, the sensitive artist. People want to do things for her because she is so loving and kind, so understanding. She puts her heart into everything.

The negative in this card, seen in its reversals, however, is a woman who uses emotions to manipulate. Makes you feel guilty or ashamed, ungrateful. She's been so kind and affectionate and helpful - how can you say no? She's hurt, wounded, saddened. She will make you do one more thing - and one more thing - to pay for all the love she's given you.

The Queen of Cups is all about using emotions or intuition or even artistic creativity to get things done. Reverse this card and emotions are either blocked or tilted up-side-down. That is, the person feels nothing, is numbed...or they have very dark feelings. This includes psychic abilities. A person's psychic talents just aren't working. Externally, the person may be taking too many medications or drinking too much alcohol, numbing or screwing up their emotions. This card, however, can also signal some bad internal problems. Hormonal imbalances, post-partum depression, bi-polar problems, and depression in general. Anything involving serious mood swings.

Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Queen of Pentacles is about getting things done practically...but tastefully. Whether investing money or just hard work, this queen knows who to hire and isn't afraid to get her own hands dirty. This is the Martha Stewart type. She will plant the flowers, hang the pictures, reupholster the furniture. She is also a consummate business woman who keeps scrupulous accounts.

The negatives of the Queen of Pentacles, as seen in her reversal, a woman who insists that everything be the best and won't accept anything less. A boss who expects everyone to work as hard as she does - with no sympathy for anyone who can't (she worked when she was pregnant, why can't her secretary do the same?). A person who thinks there is a practical solution to every problem: "Just buy another!" she might say to a child who has lost her favorite teddy bear.

The Queen of Pentacles is a card about practical solutions to problems, physical solutions. When reversed, therefore, it can signal blockage or problems with that answer. Materials haven't arrived, plants aren't growing, the things ordered have arrived but they're all wrong. Internally, a person may have an injury preventing them from physically doing the work, whatever the work is, and running their business.

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