Sevens Reversed Tarot Card Meaning

The sevens are about getting through difficult times, past stumbling blocks or delays. They urge the reader to find a way to get to their goal even though the way to that goal may be uncertain. They are also complex cards because they present difficult situations with ambiguous solutions. Reversed....

Seven of Swords Reversed

The "Thief" card is one of those ambiguous cards - is the querent the thief, who must steal in order to gain his goal? Or is he being preyed on by a thief, who he must stop in order to get to his goal? Either way, this is a card about sneaking around, about whispers and tricks. The underhanded method is the only way to succeed.

Turning this card upside-down helps us to interpret it reversed - the thief loses his stolen swords. Sneaking around isn't going to work, and in fact, it's a disaster because no one ends up with the swords. If I got this card I would warn the querent that cheating wasn't going to pay off. You get someone else to write that final exam paper for you, but then lose the paper and fail the class! It's a lot of sneaking around that leads to nothing. Rather like arranging to cheat with another man's wife only to find she went off to cheat on you with your best friend. The swords you were stealing vanish from your hands.

Seven of Wands Reversed

The "holding your ground" card indicates that you use your energy to defend your position, even if it's not popular. There is no indication in the card if the person holding his ground is right or wrong, only that he must hold his ground to achieve his goal. Reversed, we get the opposite: that the person can't or won't be able to hold their ground; that they will immediately fold under pressure, drop to their knees and surrender rather than try to defend themselves or stand up for what they believe in. They may have faith in their ideas or religion, but they haven't the stomach to fight for those ideas or religion, not when others insist that they're wrong.

Seven of Cups Reversed

The "illusion" card presents a variety of tempting cups, but which of these futures are possible to achieve and which are unrealistic dreams? The card doesn't say. Troubling as this card is, however, the reverse is worse. As with all cup cards, what the cups contain is spilled out. And in this case, the querent has not even illusions to motivate them to continue on. They've stopped dreaming, imagining, wishing.

If I got this card I would seriously worry that my querent might be on the downward spiral of a drug habit or suicidal depression. This is a person who sees no possibilities of life getting better, not realistically or in a pipe-dream sense. They are stuck and going nowhere. We all need fantasies to keep us going. This man has none.

Seven of Pentacles Reversed

The Waiting Card - here the man waits for his labors to bear fruit. This is a card about patience and letting things ripen. Reversed, iy suggests that the energy of the card, patience, is blocked or not there. The person is impatient, pushing, rushing, tearing down the fruit before it is ripe.

If I got this for a querent, I'd worry that they were the sort to keep blowing their chances. The sort who creates something, then immediately puts it on the market before its ready, and it fails, because it's badly done, not polished and ready. Like a movie where the special effects are bad because the movie makers didn't give the effects guys enough time to finish--or enough money.

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