Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

A man sees seven cups floating on a cloud, each with something enticing rising out of it. This is the "daydream" card. Cups are the suit of emotions, but also fantasies and illusions. It is card where our own dreams and emotions make the situation difficult. Think of a girl who gets asked out by three different boys. Her strong emotions toward each keep her from saying yes or no; instead, she indulges in fantasies of how the dates might go, which not only puts off the decision, but makes it harder.

This is the Seven of Cups where you, the chooser, are given the challenge of getting past mixed emotions and self-deception. It predicts that the querent is or will be faced with choices that emotionally pull them in several directions. Daydreams of what could be will further muddy the waters. Seven, as mentioned, is a number of creativity, and cups are the suit of creative dreamers. Which makes the challenge of this Seven to rein in that abundance of creativity. To stop it from running wild.

Emotions, too, have to be reined in. The querent needs to concentrate on what they really feel, really want and can realistically imagine getting from each of these choices. The choice must be made not hastily, but soberly and maturely. And definitively.

Once again, the message is to stand fast. Don't let your emotions carry you off into fantasies and daydreams. Stay in reality, focus on making a decision. This card can also indicate a person who is living in dreams, preferring fantasy to reality, or someone lost in "their cups." Meaning using alcohol or drugs to escape reality.

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