Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

A family delights in a rainbow of cups. This card indicates that the querent has risen above petty emotions, like anger or resentment, to mature emotions. Meaning that they are able to feel what others feel, and know how to respond to them and create an emotional connection. This, in turn, allows them to create the sort of family, friendships and neighborhoods we all dream of having. Ones that know how to offer emotional support, understanding and comfort.

Thus, the card predicts that the querent has the instincts, control and maturity to get out of emotional difficulties and misunderstanding; they know how to restore emotional harmony between family members, friends and neighbors. As advice, it urges the querent to be empathetic, also to smile, be kind, be warm, be emotionally generous, and to trust their emotional wisdom.

It also predicts good times with those we love-reunions, holidays, special occasions. If any such are coming up, the querent can be told that they'll go better than expected.

As for relationships, the querent can be told to remember the love that brought the them and their partner together and ought to be holding them together still. Put aside the disagreements over money or work or politics and delight in the rainbow.

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