Threes Tarot Card Meanings

We had one, indivisible thing, a stirring. We thought that one was good; then we noticed it's other side, the Hyde to Dr. Jekyll, the yin to the yang. We needed to see both sides in order to understand it and know how to develop it.

So we understand this passion, emotion, idea or work that we've taken up. We have decided to put our energy, feelings, brainpower or work into it. Our next move, of course, is for us to do just that and develop it, create a third corner. One that will, balance out the other two, form a triangle and allow for evolution and growth.

Ruling over the threes is the Empress whose card is about newborn things, which must be nursed and babied. As the twos were the fact-finding period, the period or hammering out the details, putting off the decision or making the decision, threes are about using that knowledge to take the first step or get the first results. It is about improvising our way through those early times of fragile development.

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