About Aeclectic Tarot

This may be your first visit to Aeclectic Tarot. Or it may be your fiftieth. Either way, I hope this provides you with some background, and answers to a few very common questions.

Who runs Aeclectic Tarot, anyway?

I'm Kate Hill, a Tarot enthusiast and web designer from Brisbane, Australia.

I'm a Tarot student, deck collector, a sometime reader, but most of all a Tarot lover. Aeclectic Tarot was a result of combining my interest in the Internet with my budding fascination with Tarot. I was amazed at the encompassing nature of the theme of Tarot and the sheer beauty of the artwork created to fit the Tarot structure, and wanted to share it with others.

That's still true for me, and I still find that the more I learn about Tarot, the more there is to know.

How did Aeclectic Tarot begin?

Aeclectic Tarot is a personal project that began in 1996 with a few images of a single deck. After surfing the Internet one day, I soon found that there were many more types of Tarot out there than I had ever imagined - hundreds, even thousands.

Over the years, I added more and more Tarot decks; people were kind enough to send me decks for review, images of their decks to add, and offer feedback and suggestions. Eventually, I also added Tarot books, Tarot card meanings, free readings, and the Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

What was your first Tarot deck?

My first tarot deck was the Hanson-Roberts Tarot, a hand-me-down from a friend. It's a simple, Rider-Waite inspired tarot but with softer artwork. Nowadays, my personal favourites are the Vision Quest Tarot, Lo Scarabeo Tarot and the World Spirit Tarot.

Why did my favourite deck only get 2 stars?

The ratings from one to five stars are my opinion, and are a guide only. I have a particular bias towards polished, detailed and reasonably lifelike looking cards, and my ratings may reflect that. But the cards are there in front of you, so you can make your own mind up. If you're particularly passionate about any deck (or my opinion of it), new reviews are always welcome.

Can I use some images for my website?

Giving you permission to use card artwork is not up to me, and you'll need to contact the artist or publisher of the deck you are interested in instead. (That information will be on the same page as the images.) For use of any other graphics on Aeclectic Tarot, including for links or reviews, please contact me before using them.

Do you sell tarot decks?

No. I'm not a wholesaler or retailer. I don't have a catalogue and I can't give you prices - but if a deck or book is displayed on my website, I will link to the easiest place to order it. No details? This means it is not available in print, or I haven't been able to find any online sources.

Do you own all those tarot decks?

I have more than 600 decks in my own collection, but I don't own everything on Aeclectic Tarot... I wish!

I'm lucky enough to have artists, publishers, site visitors and friends send digital images or a physical copy of a tarot deck to allow me to review it on the website and display it to the world. Have a deck that isn't listed here? Add it here.

Thank you for visiting Aeclectic Tarot. I hope you find it a useful and enjoyable companion on your Tarot journey!

Kate Hill
Owner, Editor, and Webmaster at Aeclectic Tarot