Your Past - Present - Future Tarot Reading

Page of Cups

To immerse yourself completely and lose yourself in the moment. To be creative and have fun. To have that childlike essence.

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Queen of Swords

Balancing the sharpness of your words with the clarity of your compassion can be tricky. Dulling your message benefits no one, and cutting people to the bone unnecessarily diffuses your message. Emphasize your message, yes, but accompany that message with a genuine concern for its receiver.

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Five of Coins

When this card appears in a reading, it signifies a potentially difficult time of change, perhaps in the querent's financial life or work life or simply in meeting basic needs such as food and shelter. The stability of the Four of Coins has been thrown off kilter, and what seemed to be true is no longer so. What was whole is now split. What was stationary is now in motion. What was stagnant is now growing and changing. For example, a bad financial situation may be changing for the better. Or what appears to be a comfortable working environment may be changing for the worse. Whatever you think is true probably isn't any longer. This is a card that indicates a need for the querent to be cautious before acting, and to be prepared for some "growing pains."

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