Your Past - Present - Future Tarot Reading

Six of Cups

The six of cups is a happy card, all about optimism and the renewal of the present through what has happened in the past. Things from one's life bring one pleasure small things, ordinary things. The past is the key; it may be anything from the past. A bridge from the past leading to the present, as exemplified by the rainbow.

Eight of Coins

Because the Eight of Coins, is ruled by Virgo, it seemed natural that it should correspond to the lunar gardener's Moon in Virgo. Virgo is a dry, barren, earthy feminine sign. This is the only feminine sign not used for planting. This is a good time to do yardwork and maintenance. Weeds are less likely to grow, so pull weeds and turn the sod, especially when the moon is in its fourth quarter. More broadly, this card is about working and reaping the rewards of your labour. Sometimes these rewards are easy to lose sight of. Just as it can take many seasons before a tree bears fruit, so your projects may take time to come to fruition. Don't look for the shortcut that may leave your metaphorical trees vulnerable to drought. Deep roots take time to develop.

Four of Cups

A choice of Stagnation. Boredom. Walking the long path of enlightenment, but being weary and caught up in the details. An offer that looks too good to be true. Waiting for good things to happen, rather than pursuing them. Being Reactive rather than Proactive. Apathy, Disenchantment. Needing a fresh approach.