Your Three Card Tarot Reading

Five of Wands

If you do nothing, you gain nothing! Stand out from the rest and do something to break free! Be brave and know if you try you can make it happen...if you do nothing, you gain nothing! Competition helps use to better ourselves but can also cause anger and fear. Face your fear and know succeeding is Trying!


The Emperor represents the principle of masculinity, not just in the human realm but also within the fabric of creation. He represents order, structure and control. Whereas the Empress is the power of creativity and fertility, the Emperor represents the ability to take formless matter and give it shape, organisation and structure. When he appears in a reading, he signifies control and orderly rule. On a practical level, he represents the laws and structure of society, be they good or evil.

The Tower

Change or opportunity for same. Communication issue. An important message. A warning. Crisis. Destruction through abusive use of ambition, authority or will. Freedom from a situation. An accident. A head injury. Bankruptcy. Separation or divorce. A material loss. A fire. Ill health. Death. New-found knowledge or a sudden discovery. Spiritual inspiration. Sexual act or experience. Telephone call.

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