Your Past - Present - Future Tarot Reading

Six of Swords

The trick to understanding this card is to put yourself in the position of the rat. The head of the dead body has been deliberately cut off to help in doing this. So It would be a healthy choice to start feeding on a new body. So you start your path searching through the darkness to find new feeding grounds for growth. All these attributes put together create a meaning of moving on mentally and physically for survival purposes.

The Devil

No limitation, or its opposite: self imposed limitation.

Five of Cups

The glasses represent the end of something good. If you look at this scene only through the fallen glass, only at the mess, you see the inverted pentagram; the lost beauty, the sadness. In stead you should try to see in this still life all the happy memories it represents. If the perspective is shifted and you look at the scene through the full glass, the pentagram is the right side up. Even an apple in the midst of a pentagram can just be an ordinary piece of fruit. If you just look at its symbolic value, you never see it for what it is. Everything is what it is, and bad omens originate in our own fears.

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