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Learn all about Tarot cards at Aeclectic Tarot. There's Tarot info for beginners on how to read the cards, Tarot card meanings, Tarot articles, learning resources, and artist and author interviews.

Brand new to Tarot cards? Read the Tarot FAQ.

Discover all 78 Tarot Card Meanings

Learn the meaning of all 78 Tarot cards in Thirteen's Tarot Card Meanings. The common symbols and meanings in each card of a Rider-Waite style tarot deck have been explored and explained, from the Fool and Magician to the Aces, Queens and Kings.

Find out How to Read Tarot Cards

You're interested in Tarot cards, but don't know where to begin?

Read the Tarot FAQ, then get started with our series of articles for the Tarot novice. Begin discovering The Power of Tarot in Your Life, get to know your cards in Learning the Tarot, take the Simple Steps to Performing a Tarot Reading, and then find out more about the Court Cards in the Tarot and Tarot Reversals. Then, read the forum discussions on beginner Tarot card reading.

Understand the Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

Find out the best way to approach reversed cards, and the three most common methods, in Thirteen's Tarot Reversals.

"Reversals do not always mean that something horrible is going to happen or that the situation is awful and hopeless. A spread heavy on reversals may simply be a way for the cards to get a strong message across, or to inform the reader and querent that there is a pessimistic, negative or blocked outlook to the problem. In short, that a change of attitude, beliefs, ways of tackling the problem can restore the energy and get things moving again."

More Tarot Spreads for Your Readings

Find new and original Tarot spreads of all types to help with your readings. There are spreads for looking for love, relationships, career, pets, decision-making, personal growth, holiday spreads, the Celtic Cross and and its variations, and more. All spreads have been contributed by members of the Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

Interviews with Tarot Authors and Artists

Interviews with prominent Tarot artists and authors, including Rachel Pollack, Robin Wood, creators of the Tarot of Prague, the Osho Zen Tarot's creator, Ma Deva Padma, Clive Barrett, creator of the Ancient Egyptian Tarot, J. Philip Thomas, creator of the Tarot of Paris, James Wanless of the Voyager Tarot, and many more.

Interviews with Women in Tarot

The Women in Tarot series of interviews has been put together by Tarot writer, Bonnie Cehovet. She talks with Sandra A. Thomson, CTGM, Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, Rachel Pollack, Valerie Sim, CTGM, Mary K. Greer, CTGM and more.

Read Tarot Stories, Articles and Opinions

A collection of Tarot articles, opinions and stories. Expand your knowledge and perspective on Tarot in What is Tarot?, read about giving guidance or evaluating Tarot decks, enjoy a tale of Tarot for children, or find out how to write a Tarot deck review.

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