The Biology of the Tarot - Part III

by La Vonne Parker

Have you ever gone to a new place, with new people, perhaps wearing new clothes and you felt like you were transformed into a new person? By simply being in the vicinity of elements that are different than the usual for you, you become something new. But, actually, the truth is, you have not changed, you are still the same, only dormant characteristics that you already possess have become awakened or reawakened. The wizard only showed Dorothy, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow they already had it. Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen all hold these elemental truths. Their appearance, texture, scent and behaviors all change according to the other surrounding elements but the element itself never changes. In tarot, we can use atoms and molecules as the foundation of tarot spreads. When this is done, the element of the atom mixes with the element of the card and further linked in the spread by the molecular connection of the cards in the spread to create an entirely new door for understanding readings.

Wait, wait! I know I lost you there but, hang on. I will explain it again but much more simply. One of the simplest and most commonly known molecules is H2O. Beginning with a molecule that most everyone is familiar with, a spread can be created. One oxygen and two hydrogens. Taking into consideration the properties of these two atoms it is noted that oxygen is breath of life and hydrogen is a solvent and heat conductor.

1. The green ball, oxygen position, "What is restricting my breathing; my worries, obstructing clear thinking?"

2. The first blue ball is hydrogen, "What I need to dissolve; resolve."

3. The second blue ball is also hydrogen but this question pulls on a different property of Hydrogen than the previous, "What I need for creating more balance in my situation."

The Water Molecule Spread might be perfect for a querent who lacks flow or is feeling stagnant in a particular situation. The querent wants to know how to get excited about life again and begin to move forward. Shuffle the cards then place a card on the position of each atom. The corresponding card will answer the question of the atomic position. However, now is where the real fun begins. Note the element of the card and how it connects with the atomic element of its position. Furthermore, the elements of the cards will also connect, causing chemical changes due to the change in environment, that is, a change in the surrounding elements. What new molecule might be created or suggested? How does the molecule formed from the cards mix with H2O? To get a better understanding we will do a sample reading. Britney Spears is a good querent for the type of question we need for this spread.

Question for Britney Spears: How do I get my life back on track and move forward? 1.Oxygen- 6 of wands - Worried about not being able to continue to be great, to always be a winner. Since the card is reversed we read the negative properties of NO, that is, nitric oxide. When the nitrogen from 6 of wands blends with oxygen it has new behaviors. Nitric oxide is a toxic air pollutant produced by automobile engines and power plants. Britney's life is polluted with worry about continued success.

2. Hydrogen- Justice- She needs to resolve her obsessive need to always be perfect, to put such high standards on herself that she has frozen herself, become stagnant. If Justice is air, which corresponds to the oxygen atom and placed on the hydrogen position a new diatomic molecule is formed, OH. This anion is negatively charged and the functional group of all alcohols. This indicates a negative use of alcohol in Britney's life has caused her to become stuck. Because other molecules that are needed to make alcohol are not present, there is a point in which she will move forward before dissolving her life with full blown alcoholism.

3. Hydrogen- 5 of Wands - Britney is feeling very hurt and defensive toward the world and is feeling very attacked. This is causing her to feel defensive and put under a microscope. When a single nitrogen is surrounded by three hydrogens, NH3, an ammonia molecule is created. With the nitrogen of the 5 of wands in the position of hydrogen there is not enough hydrogen to make this gas. The 5 of wands is reversed, therefore the more negative properties of ammonia will be considered, that is, ammonia's ability to be caustic and hazardous. There is not enough hydrogen in this position to be effective, therefore the natural conclusion is that more water is needed for balance to be acquired. A trip to the tropics or a day spa might be a good start to finding the needed balance.

This layout consists of two wands and Justice which is clearly an air card. Wands are Nitrogen and air is Oxygen. This creates N2O, Nitrous Oxide, "laughing gas". This is the chemical used as an anesthesia to numb the pain in the dentist office. Efforts to numb her pain is holding Britney back. She is using drugs and alcohol to numb her from worry, stress and anxiety. Today, scientists are mixing H2O with N2O to create a supersonic jet fuel. This indicates that Britney must put away her vanity, drugs and self pity to be able to blast into the future.

Using atoms and molecules as the foundation of tarot spreads, the element of the atom blends with the element of the card and is thus further linked in the spread by the molecular connection of the cards in the spread (in this case N2O and H2O) to create an entirely new door for understanding readings. By considering the chemicals, atoms and molecules represented in a molecular spread and then further considering these elements in the cards and the effect they have on their surroundings creates new options for reading the cards. Its method ranked with astrology, numerology and kabbalah, all tapping into transformation in appearance, texture, scent and behaviors all changing according to the other surrounding elements but the element itself never changes. Corresponding elements of the tarot to the atomic elements is only natural. Don't let the chemical change frighten you. Go ahead and try the Water Molecule Spread.

Mader, Sylvia S., Inquiry Into Life Ninth Edition, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2000

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