You Are Wiser Than You Think: A Whole New Approach To Giving Guidance III

by Shanon

Part III

Let's start by healing ourselves

If you feel you have a pretty good sense of your three selves and every one is at least open to moving forward you can skip this section if you like.

If you are reading this section, then I am going to presume that you recognized some of your tendencies in the previous examples and either want to change them or are at least open to learning more about them.

In order to do that, you need to move more into your center, and in order for that to happen your higher self needs to become more involved in the processing of the information in this book,

So, here are some tools to help you go that. This is exciting, trust me. Scary, but exciting!

Here goes:

If you are finding yourself, intellectually, tearing this book to pieces, in order to take your life back, you need to somehow find how to lighten up and be more open. Make an agreement with your middle self to read it as an exercise in futility, and not take it seriously, that should buy you some time and you will be able to keep reading.

If you are getting angry and frustrated, then your smaller self is being challenged to grow and to do something it doesn't want to do. You need to tell yourself; we don't have to do any of this, we are just reading it because we want to.

If emotionally you are sure this book is going to change your life instantly and everything is going to just be perfect from now on, your smaller self feels safe in illusion. You need to do something physical along with the book. Make lists of things you want to change. Make a collage of your new life, and bring yourself back to center by making the process more real on the physical plane.

If you are indifferent then you need to wake up. Indifference is the way we express, "why bother, nothing is going to change." For you, something physical would be great, also. Underline sections that interest you in any way, make notes of pages to go back to or make lists of things you might want to try. Try to stimulate yourself to feel or think something.

Your higher self is an amazing being. If you are able to at least get yourself to a place of being grounded in your experience of this book, it will do the rest. Once you are able to pacify the self that is running the show to where you can at least be open, your higher self will then find other ways to support your choice.

It may happen in any of the following ways.

If you are ruled by intellect, something may come into your life that is factual about this information that encourages you to move forward.

If you're smaller self is angry about changing, something will come into your life that will show it how it can use this information easily while doing something it likes.

If your smaller self has trouble being realistic, something will come into your life that will point out the work that has to be done. You will then have to make sure you don't crash emotionally. By doing the lists as suggested before, you will be balanced enough to handle it, and keep moving forward.

If you are working with indifference, because the indifference is normally a sign that you are shut down, and are having trouble seeing the point, probably in anything, you will more than likely start becoming interested in things again and becoming more optimistic about things. You need to take the whole process slow and don't expect too much so you don't get discouraged.


When you start helping others, in whatever way you do, to do it well takes a lot of work and a commitment of time and energy. You need to learn how to give guidance, learn about your medium, and learn about yourself, constantly living out of your comfort zone. The effort and courage it takes to reach people and educate your self at the same time is invaluable. Trust me; you will earn every penny you make if you are committed to what you are doing. So, if you are uncomfortable letting people reimburse you for your gift, let them reimburse you for all the training and conditioning you are going to have to do to be able to do this work well.

My Gift Was Given To Me I Can't Take Money For It

There are a lot of reasons for this feeling and so many gifted healers and teachers/readers feel this way. I'm not going to get into the whole psychology of it I'm just going to list some ideas for you to consider.

I do believe there are some people that have such a powerful connection with the divine that they do not have to receive money from people because they are receiving the energy directly from spirit. These people have no doubt in their being that they are doing "God's" work and that they are being rewarded ten fold and have the constitution to live in the world in the way that that may provide. Also, I believe that they didn't come in with any other agenda, or lesson to learn concerning money. I think an easy example would be someone like, Mother Teresa. Some of us may know one of these "beings" who are truly angels, or someone who is "not of this earth." They can give their gifts freely and still survive, but for the most part, that isn't the normal person's plight or lesson at this time.

Exchange of Energy Theory

Money is energy. Giving guidance is energy. The universe is energy. For everything to stay in balance there has to be an even exchange of energy. If you don't allow this exchange, the person goes away in "debt" to you, energetically. So, instead of empowering them, by not requiring them to honor the energy exchange, (which is a universal law none of us can escape, might I add), you have unconsciously set into motion, the belief that they are not "energetically" equal to you. The illusion that they have nothing of value to offer, in exchange for what you have to give. And your guidance, as profound as it might have been, will for the most part, fall on deaf ears. People need to feel equal to you to learn from you, at least at the soul level. Their mind might be saying that you are smarter and wiser etc., but their soul, their "God self" who you are working in partnership with, knows they are equal and needs you to help them become aware of that fact. That is why they came to you for guidance in the first place. As in children, who need to surpass the parent in life to advance, it is your guidance that will help them exceed if they feel worthy of it and in order to feel worthy, they need to have taken part in the energy exchange.

Why We Block The Exchange

I feel, any appreciation for what we do, is a direct response to how much we are prepared to receive love from our God/Spiritual selves. And when you allow that kind of love into your life your life is no longer your own, it belongs to the whole and you become able to return love at the same level, making you much more than your mind can understand and certainly control.

So, keeping a cap on what we will allow ourselves to receive, limits the amount of love from "God," and keeps us small enough for our minds to understand and hence "control". So, control by our personality is one of the reasons.

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© Shanon

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