Tarot Cards: The Illuminated Doorway

by Sloan Bella

Tarot Cards have been used for centuries as an artistic backdrop into the realm of intuitive psychic informative sight, and for specific divination. The card images are depicted in various and intriguing ways, reflecting the differences and philosophies of our daily lives as well as the cultural attitudes of the time, generating artistic and dynamic ways of exploring future possibilities and predictive avenues.

Tarot cards are a creative venue and illuminated illustration, designed as a tool to use for development and harnessing of your own intuitive psychic insights and gifts. The illustration booklet that accompanies the tarot deck is a perimeter of guided vision that you can use to form a basis for opening up your channeling abilities. Each deck comes with its own guide and set of image interpretations. Tarot decks are constructed in two different ways. Some of the first decks were based on the writings of prophetic authors looking for pictures with which to visually illustrate these meanings. Many of the modern decks are varied replications of the initial concept, slightly diversified by the artists interpretation, while other modern decks are created simply and visually for the artistic beauty and pleasure of the buyer.

These images are the focal point of access. It's the difference between a blank canvas and paint by numbers canvas; both are beautiful when done. However, one gears and pulls your mind into a position and begins the formation of intuitive thought, where as the blank canvas is created specifically from your insights. The more intricate the images and pictures on the cards, the more information is laid out before you, the more ways your mind can formulate avenues from which to paint the picture. The more advanced psychically a reader or student is, the less information and stimuli needed on the cards. Sometimes it can be distracting to have a multitude of images that force the mind to struggle for exact meanings, as opposed to speaking freely from channel.

The range of decks that one can purchase, with respect to ability is wide and vast. When picking a deck one should be comfortable with the images and they should resonate with the reader, visually. The next part of becoming a tarot reader is learning how to drop the rigid thinking accompanied with book learned material. I agree it is important to understand the premise of the insight, however as far as becoming intuitively insightful, there is a need to develop this from your subconscious.

The best way is to take your new cards home, open the deck, remove the booklet and place it under your pillow. While you sleep you will absorb the information, do this for a week period. Take the cards, lay them out in front of you randomly, look at each card and open your mind to the possibilities and ideas about meanings. See what they mean for you. As you become more comfortable and expand your insights have fun and explore possibilities and ideas about what is being shown in the order of the cards. Developing a way of reading the cards should be individual and formulated from your way of thinking. No one has to follow the Celtic Cross, for example, as this sometimes pushes the focus on working the cards into an order and concentrating on that. Throw the cards out, let them fall as they may and read them.

Create, be passionate and speak openly, utilizing the fluidity of expression and conveying those thoughts, images, and senses. It's from your frame of reference that the images will come, each of us is based with a frame of creation that makes sense to us, and the psychic information comes through in a manner that we can understand.

The next step is to become comfortable with your own insights. Suspend all fear and judgement about being right or saying something that is wrong. It's not about being right or wrong. It's about giving information that is useful productive and comes from the soul. Anyone can read cards and repeat information, but its not about that. Tarot cards are here to move each of us through our own steps to becoming a vessel for Universal Information. As psychic tarot card readers, we are adding tangible textures to what we see, hear and feel while divining the cards, listening to the whispers of the world around us.

© Sloan Bella

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