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Ace of Swords
by Jeanette

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

For the First Aeclectic Collaborative Tarot deck I was assigned the Ace of Swords. When I knew which card I was creating, I had to think about what the card meant to me and would I be able to interpret it adequately with my limited artistic abilities!

When I thought about how I wanted this card to look, I wanted to translate those ideas literally. I donít think my translation of the Ace of Swords deviates drastically from other decks, the symbols Iíve incorporated are straightforward. The scene is of a sword on a table, with a lighted lamp and open book next to it. In the background is a window looking out to darkness. The book represents knowledge or information to help make decisions. The sword can cut through confusion (the darkness outside the window), while the lamp allows light to show the way. These symbols are set on a table, inviting you to take advantage of all they have to offer.

Card Meaning

To me the suit of Swords represents some type of trouble. It may be a problem that youíve created yourself in your own mind; that is, itís "all in your head." Maybe youíre involved in a situation where you just canít make a clear decision, or youíve been going over something in your mind for days and just canít see the end in sight. You have ideas in your head but arenít sure about how to put them in motion. My interpretation of the Ace of Swords is an opportunity to cut through the confusion, and shed some new light on the situation that is causing difficulties.

If the card is reversed, it could mean an opportunity that wonít really make any difference to the situation.

Card Media

Colored pencil and fine-line marker for the details. Original size 3" x 5".

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