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Two of Pentacles
by Tempestfire

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I have wanted to design a complete Tarot deck. The Aeclectic Tarot Project gave me the opportunity to focus on the Two of Pentacles and decide what it really meant to me.

I have always considered this card a time for decisions and hard work, or working towards goals or monetary gain.

The young woman stands naked in a lush green berry patch holding a black bowl. The black bowl represents material possessions, vanities, and the illusion of material things. The woman is naked to represent the need to open ourselves up to new ideas. Her nudity also symbolizes the sensuality, or seduction of material possessions. First we have to strip away the negative forces that bind us, and open ourselves up to take chances. It also represents a vulnerability, as she is standing in the midst of thorn covered berry bushes. (This could be explained as needing to invest in something to reap the future rewards). The bowl is empty- symbolizing the need to work in order to make a gain. That is- if she takes a risk by picking the berries and filling her bowl, she will be rewarded by having enough to make into pastries or jam. If she chooses to simply eat and not fill her bowl- she will hunger later when the berries are gone. She has a tree on each side, representing the Earth and grounding with roots bound in the life-giving earth. The blue skies represent a yearning, an instinctive desire to gain more material possessions, or move forward in a job. The red banner depicting the title represents the creative energy of the card: the need to use creative ways, work, to make a gain. The infinity symbol is shown hovering by her abdomen. This is to represent possible fertility, or acquiring material gains if she is willing to work towards them.

I used color symbolism when designing this card to visually enhance the meaning. Green = life, earth as planet Brown = earth as element Red = creative energy Blue = desire, yearning Black = material possessions, illusion of material gain Yellow = spirit, intelligence I felt these colors were powerful and useful in creating a card that would be easy to interpret.

Card Meaning

I feel this card has more meaning to it than the Rider-Waite deck that shows The Fool juggling the pentacles inside an infinity symbol. To me it shows the need to be more coordinated in juggling responsibilities. However- I personally feel the card is more of a time for decisions and wanted to represent that. My interpretation allows you to look more inside yourself, to see the opportunities around you, and how to turn those opportunities into gains.

Money or material possessions and energy are readily available to the individual. It is a matter of whether or not they are willing to exert the energy now to obtain it in the future. It is a card for making decisions- to work toward future gains, or to stay where you are. The need to look to alternative ideas. I have not included a reverse meaning. Whether it is positive or negative, the meaning in a spread will be best determined by the neighboring cards.

Card Media

Original design was created using ink, pastels, and colored pencils, scanned into the computer and modified in PhotoStudio.

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