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Four of Swords
by Springfish

Card Meaning

Card Meaning

No card description was provided. The following generalization is an excerpt from the book 'It's All in Your Cards' by John Mangiapane.

Fours indicate fruition, or the manifestation of an idea, along with a foundation or ‘space’ where things can grow.

This is a card about a time of preparation. There is something you need to rest from or to get yourself psyched up for. This is not a card of Death. Many people get upset about the effigy on the coffin usually pictured on this card. Perhaps the Querent needs time for a retreat, or feels a sense of exile or temporary banishment. It may indicate a time of convalescence after illness. It may appear as a warning to indicate the Querent is over-extending himself and needs to pull back on the reins.

When reversed it speaks of renewed activities, 'batteries recharged', good opportunities ahead, but a need to use discretion in one’s dealings.

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