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Four of Wands
by dolphingirl

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

I really wanted to create something different with this card. You can't get a more interesting couple of characters than the hummingbird and a little fairy building a nest and creating a home out of four wands.

Card Meaning

The Four of Wands can signal a surprise or spontaneous thrill such as meeting someone unexpectedly. Other times this card represents planned celebrations or the freedom that can be found in building something together. This card is about the joy of coming together for a purpose and the growth and happiness that can result.

Reversed Meaning: If this card comes up reversed you may find an obstacle blocking you from happiness. A surprise may bring both happiness and sorrow. Dissatisfaction.

Card Media

Watercolor paints and ink pens on 9" x 12" watercolor paper.

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