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Seven of Swords
by Raeanne

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

The Seven of Swords has always felt a little bit on the darker side. The image from the Robin Wood tarot was probably the most influential in designing this card. The card is done in black, white, and shades of gray. The shades of gray are where most of our life decisions exist. Rarely are things in life truly black or white, good or evil, but they lie somewhere in the gray, middle area.

The man on the card appears to be untrustworthy and sinister. He represents a shifty used-car salesman. There is intelligence in his eyes but also self-centeredness. This individual will do anything for their personal gain. The drawing of the man is a bit cartoonish, compared to the very real looking background fence. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Is the fence keeping the man in or tying to keep him out? The barbed wire on top of the fence is a reminder that schemes and double-dealing are a dangerous business and can often lead to injury.

Card Meaning

Sneaky, devious, sly, stealth, underhanded, theft, robbery, unreliability, betrayal, spying, dishonor, deceit, lacking in integrity, dirty deals, back stabbing, breaking in, sneaking out, suspicion and mistrust.

Card Media

Clip art and pencil drawing scanned onto computer graphic background.

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