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by Solandia

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
Card Media

The Artist's Concept

The Magician is one of my favourite cards in a tarot deck. (And oddly, no one else chose the card when I was assigning them!) I have an interest in chaos magick; also, the knowledge and ability that the Magician card represents.

The Magician is a card of personal power and skill. The mage has the ability to influence reality, being a conduit between infinite possibilities and the physical world. It is also a card of thoughtful action. The mage purposefully chooses among the many possible actions, aware of the consequences.

In my card it is night, not long after sunset, and the sky is blazing with the moon and stars. The Magician is standing on a grassy, flowered cliff edge, facing away from us and looking across a moonlit valley to distant mountains. He is clothed in a purple-blue robe and unadorned, but for a gold infinity sign floating overhead. One hand points towards the heavens, one towards the ground. He is focused outward, looking towards the sky, representing his far-seeing view that goes beyond our physical world.

I have omitted the traditional Magician's table and tools of the elements. This is to emphasize the Magician's own power and that it does not reside in outward tools and trappings.

The infinity symbol above his head stands for the infinite possibilities in the universe.

Card Meaning

Ability. Action. Knowledge. Skill. Acting consciously. Choosing appropriate actions.

In a reading, the card signifies using your brain to determine a way forward. Act upon your knowledge to choose the best course of action, and then skillfully carry it out.

Card Media

Pastels and metallic gel pens on black paper. The original is 21 x 29cm. Main figures were outlined in white and coloured in with pastels. Stars and finer details carved out of the pastel and recoloured in metallic pen.

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