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Queen of Cups
by MeeWah

Artist's Bio
Artist's Concept
Card Meaning
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The Artist's Concept

I have identified myself mainly with the High Priestess, followed by Strength, occasionally with Queen of Wands and Queen of Swords. It is because I have not identified with the Queen of Cups as much that I chose this card. Astrologically speaking, it is a "match" (I am Pisces). In the process of creating it, I thought I would learn from it. I did. My interpretation differs from the traditional by the depiction of the Queen as a mythological creature. Most such decks depict a human woman as a Queen sitting in a throne on or near the shoreline or standing in a similar environment.

When I see the Queen of Cups in most decks, she represents Yin energy, the feminine principle, and is either a person, an aspect of a person, or a situation. If a person, they are usually an older, mature person with the wisdom of experience & insight, often deeply spiritual with an interest in or an involvement in the metaphysical. Sensitive, attuned to the feelings & emotions of self & others. Highly intuitive; psychic or clairvoyant. Imaginative; artistic. A nurturer; a mother; a protector. One who loves unconditionally. If seen as an aspect, then it is any one or all of the aforementioned qualities. When it describes a situation, it refers to a loving &/or nurturing environment; the development of those qualities associated with this energy; the culmination of a creative project.

Since the element of the energy is Water and due to its astrological associations (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio), I chose to depict the Queen of Cups as a mermaid--half-human, half fish. The deep purple hues of her hair symbolize the wisdom she carries in her head as well as the royalty of her position; the gold of her fish half symbolizes the wealth & purity of her understanding. She holds a gold chalice or cup in her left hand--left being symbolic of the receptive & unconscious, the spiritual; the cup symbolic of the suit--in which she scrys all there is to see. The cup becomes instrument for her second sight. Her right hand--being symbolic of the conscious, mundane & active--holds a seashell with which she intently listens to the rhythm of life. When one holds a seashell to the ear, one can hear the sounds of the ocean (one's own heartbeat). It is recognition of the introspective qualities of the energy and of the suit. It is through the listening to her inner self that she receives guidance from accessing the knowledge deep within. The rock upon which she sits is her throne, from which she surveys the world. It is in water, her element & source of life. The rock itself is silver & gray, indicating the wisdom of her station. Although the oceans behind her are active & turbulent, the waters around her & in front of her are calm & quiet, reflective of her power over the emotions. The pair of dolphins serve a dual purpose: the Yin & Yang energies & the astrological symbol of Pisces, two fish heading in opposite directions but who remain together as one despite their duality. They work together to form a whole. The two clouds also represent duality. Clouds represent the sorrows, the rainy days that are a part of life. Also, without clouds, there would be no rain, no water to replenish the ocean of life.

Card Meaning

The meaning of this card is that of one who is in harmony with the emotional, intuitive realm. The individual responds to the outside world from that standpoint, & relies on the inner guidance. There is the ability to take charge in matters regarding the inner life & the emotions with the wisdom of the ages to draw upon. One who possesses imagination & is creative; loving, supportive, concerned for the fellowman & mankind. Very impressionable, would need to be careful not to confuse reality with imagination. May be taken advantage of because such an individual can be appealed to on an emotional level. The general quiet demeanor hides hidden depths not readily apparent, so this person may be underestimated. Those qualities may be attributed to a person or aspects of them. In a situation, it would be a loving, nurturing & or harmonious environment; the home front.


Reversed, those aforementioned qualities would be distorted. There would be excesses & extremes in behavior. In matters of the heart, the person would be prone to possessiveness, smother-love; jealousy. A need for attention, even negative attention. Over-indulgence in the emotional pleasures of sex, drugs, food &/or drink, to fill a void for which nothing will suffice. Burn the candle at both ends. Play the party circuit. May be involved with disreputable people or criminal activities. A hypochondriac. Having problems with depression and relationships. A superficial view of life. The life is a constant drama, a passion play with the individual as the main character.

Card Media

Lead pencil, Berol Prismacolorš, Sharpieš Permanent Fine Point on watercolor stock. The dimensions are 5 inches by 7.5 inches

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