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2 of Pentacles
by Strange2

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The 2 of Disks (or Pentacles) is here represented as a cell in the dynamic process of division or duplication, called binary fission or mitosis. Specifically, this card depicts the telophase, in which the original cell separates into two cells, each with the same genetic information. What was one cell are now two. These cells may then develop into different forms via the process of development.

Above the two disks is the source of infinite light. Surrounding the two disks is the lemniscate, or infinity symbol. The process of division generates waves of potent energy around the 2 disks.


The vision for this card came when contemplating that most simple creature, the Amoebae. The amoebae reproduces by dividing itself into 2 amoebas, which each then repeat that dividing process ad infinitum over the millennia. Thus, all amoebas today contain within them the essence of the original "prime" amoebae. Likewise, we all contain within us part of the original creation.

The dividing cells/disks represent the kabalistic spheres of Kether (1) and Chokmah (2) on the Tree of Life. The One (the infinite point, the Source) divides and becomes Two (the line, the Father). The Two, pulsing with creative energy, generates waves of becoming, indicated by the yellow pulses arching on the path towards the third sphere, Binah (the Mother). Clouds of white energy bubble and spurt to the right of the disks, symbolic of the creative seed of the father.

In the bottom center of card title is the alchemical symbol for Earth, representing the material world traditionally associated with the suit of disks or pentacles.

Card Meaning

The 2 of Disks depicted here has some similarity to the standard Rider-Waite card, with the lemniscate looping around the two pentacles, and the general aura of energy. However, this 2 of Disks emphasizes the dynamic, joyful, almost explosive power of creation.

The 2 of Disks represent the Infinite dividing Infinitely. The One becomes the Other. Within the Other is the One. The One divides in order to experience Life. Every part of creation, no matter how simple or how evolved, contains at its core the One.

When meditating on this card, know that you are never separate from and always a part of the source of Infinite Light and Life. You exist to continue the creative expression and evolution!

Artistic Media

Created using Prismacolor pencils and Zig pigment ink pens.

Artist's Bio

Strange2 was first exposed to the mystical path as a young lad, through the magic of comic books and fantasy fiction. He obtained his first Tarot deck in the late 1970's (Rider-Waite), and soon gravitated to the Crowley/Harris Thoth deck, among other esoteric pursuits. A lifelong exploration of the mystical and creative arts ensued. Strange2 resides in Illinois (USA) with his wife (Strange1), 3 sons, and a house full of books, comic books, tarot decks and computer equipment. His interests include camping, ambient and jazz music, and home beer brewing. If he had a former life, he's fairly certain that he was a dog: he's loyal, loves to run, and always ready to chase a Frisbee (the "Ace of Disks")!

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