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Five of Wands

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
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What you are looking at appears to be a wheel of fire. It is actually a structure of wands that has caught on fire giving it that wheel look due to the spokes.


The orange represent creative energies of the second chakra, the yellow background represents the yellow energies of the third chakra, which relates to the mental energies as well. The red fire represents passion, and it is that passion that has given definition to the wands (notice red outline of the wands). The wands themselves are green representing emotions of the heart chakra. The black if I were using Christian symbolism would represent evil of the heart. However I was referring to the unlimited black potential that will come in manifestation by light giving it form. The purple represents the spiritual energies and the violet flame burning away karma of the heart. Some of the colours also came from the astrology colours and kaballistic colours mentioned in several of my books like tarot of ceremonial magick, tarot of the sephiroth, as well as the new book of the Thoth. Now with the idea of the Thoth in mind those who study the Thoth will notice that half of the title is "strife" which is the title Crowley gave the five of wands. For myself I had to add in the spiritual aspects. It is the spiritual vs. the emotional vs. the body vs. the mind that is causing the spiritual strife as the spiritual energies try to clear away the old dead energies of karma, imagined sins and grudges. I originally meant to do a tepee but the patterns took it own form and it started to flow on its own. I had in mind the rider Waite imagery of the five people fighting and they are testing out their social and spiritual beliefs in conflict with each other. This is a nature of society that we have. Yet notice that the four first wands are in direct conflict? While the bottom wand is giving the basis for the foundation of the whole conflict, the whole structure. This could signify that there is one person or one main reason for the whole strife, and if you find the key you could solve the puzzle but there isn't a puzzle, yet notice one thing. There is a spiritual cross crossed by an x. (Christian belief dealing with pagan beliefs?) Also notice the tripod is the holy triangle, which intersect makes a brunch of small little triangles or imagined by the red fire. With that in mind the two lines that are horizontal to each other are the first lines. The one in the middle was the first. The one at the bottom was second and the three wands that cross the top horizontal line are like two ideas trying to meet half way. But it could also mean one line is trying to conquer the other line.

Card Meaning

When I see this card I see it and say to myself I am having a spiritual strife in my life, but why? I see this card as saying to you it is all related but you failed to take into account the fifth element, ether which is the divine spark that is divided up into all four elements. Reversed, it would mean there is a spiritual strife occurring in my life in all my actions that I am doing in the mundane world yet I am not aware.

Artistic Media

Water colour pencil crayons, water colour and water.

Artist's Bio

I am a 27 year old Ojibwe Indian from Ontario Canada. I weigh 400 pounds, wear glasses, and have long hair. I channel ascended masters, arch angels, angels, and spirit guides. I studied the tarot for 2 years, although I dabbled in the tarot for 12 years.

The name HOLMES comes from online rpg called ultima online, where I originally intended to be a detective in forensic evaluation but became an warrior when it was revealed there was no career in the gaming world for me using that skill.

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