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Wheel of Fortune
by LaLa

Description & Symbolism
Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio

Description & Symbolism

Fortune means luck, chance, fate or destiny. Some things are kismet - beyong our control, while others are karmic and balance our deeds. Wheels are symbolic of cyclic or repeating patterns, of constant forward motion (both in the physical world and the individual's spiritual journey). I have tried to represent these ideas in the images I have used whilst recognising in tribute the traditional layout.

The Rider-Waite Wheel of Fortune has in its four corners creatures symbolic of the four gospels, the four fixed signs of the western zodiac, and the four elements; in their place I have substituted the elemental counterparts of the tarot suits. In the centre of the card is the circular Tao symbolic of the balance of opposites, this is nestled in the palm of a hand which is represents the Hebrew letter Kaph traditionally attributed to this card and the fortunes written in our hands.

The discs of the wheel itself reflect the western signs of the zodiac, the Ming Shui or Chinese zodiac and the symbols of the I Ching. These also reflect the physical seasons of the year, and the seasons of lie.

Although not actually represented in the graphics, the disc is also reminiscent of the face of a clock, the symbol of time.

Card Meaning

The Wheel reminds us that time is always moving forward - now is the time we live in - we are here because we are here - fortune brings us what we need.

Artistic Media

Coloured pencils.

Artist's Bio

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