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Knight of Cups
by Aerin

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


As you turn within yourself to consider a seascape, a rider begins to form out of the water. He seems still and calm as he holds out his cup towards you, yet his horse is made from the surf and seems to want to race away with little regard for his rider.


I wanted to represent more than one aspect of the Knight of Cups in this card: the Rider-Coleman-Waite image has never, for me, captured the temperamental side of his character. Water can be both calm and transparent, and also turbulent and opaque: for me, these elements are both important. Unlike the Queen and King he hasn't quite learnt how to channel Cups energy for the best, he's often seen swinging from depression and moodiness to romance and kind sensitivity. He also has a tendency to check out if something unpleasant may be involved without being truthful to those who are affected. As an aspect of self I see his energy is very positive, providing the ability to reflect on self and connect with others feelings.

Card Meaning

The Knight is the stuff of imagination and emotion: what purpose has he for appearing to you right now? Do you, or someone else in your life, need to get more in touch with your inner sensitivity and creativity? Or is it that emotions and fantasies are running away with you and that you would be best advised to balance this with more objectivity and outward action? The Knight is a wonderful resource to have in your life so long as he does not carry you away with false promises and overwhelm you with his mood swings. How can you best engage with his energy right now in a way that is beneficial for you?

Artistic Media

The card is painted using acrylics on blue A4 card and scanned in. I increased the contrast, but otherwise the card is as painted. After I saw the card in my head, I took a deep breath and painted my feelings about the card directly on to paper - I felt that producing the card in a more considered way wouldn't express my experience of it. The border and text are computer generated.

Artist's Bio

I have lived in the UK all my life, and am married to a wonderful man who watches my Tarot study with some amusement and a lot of patience (especially when the latest deck arrives). My day job is life coaching and also training - I have a particular interest in creative problem solving and use Tarot in problem solving for myself. As I looked into the Knight of Cups for this project, I became particularly aware of times in my life when I've experienced his energy both to the good and also in excess - in myself and also in partners. I believe that between my husband and me we achieve a good balance at the moment!

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