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Page of Swords
by Mari_Hoshizaki

Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


Here is the beginning of an idea. A childish face looks up, wistfully. Above, there are green layers of leaves and dark branches. A bird spreads one wing out, emerging from a nest and shade of leaves.


Somewhere, an infant looked up and saw
...the small bird
unfolding wings.
One poet who remembered
the faces
bird in the air
bird to child
bird and child like one
face, turned upward
to the skies.

One poet said once of such joys
"How the spirit rose, as a dove.
I called 'my child' while waters
and air splashed all around."

Once, I believe
we were all that young
where the open skies,
a laughing face,
a bird, a child, or
just someone else

was as easy
as sun behind leaves--
a rim of light
semicircle yellow
as tipped rose
haloes on our fingertips.
Originally this was a pentacle scene, but the emerging bird and leaves seemed related to Spring and air signs. Reversed

When I sometimes
wonder and worry,
I try to remember this.
I see the face of the child
has become
old and faded.

I try to forget myself, feel instead
bird to the air,
eyes to bird
bird and eyes fly
and my mouth opened--
tasted light drops
and sky.

I believe it is easy to become discouraged early in our hopes or projects. The first setback can lead to quite a dejected attitude. Our youthful delight is rained on by negativity. A joyful laugh can easily become a sardonic, disdainful irony.

Sometimes the first impulse to retreat is wise-we need to regroup. A little time to recollect and reflect isn't a bad thing. However, when I find myself lingering in disappointment, I also take stock of the situation---can I salvage any of the experiments? Should set this aside--or is it wiser to correct the problem now? Is it time to give up the goal and reassess my hopes?

Artistic Media

This collage came from two paintings. One was watercolor paint and pens of the bird and leaves. The other was a pastel painting of a small face reflected dimly in a burnished bowl. Long, green leaves provided the shade. I scanned, cropped and merged the completed collage into PhotoShop 4.

In the case of the collage above, the two paintings by themselves were disappointing experiments. But together, they make a more interesting collage card to me. Hopefully these salvaged experiments might become a symbol to you. I wish for you to recapture some of the youthful excitement and inspiration that the Page of Swords represented to me.

Artist's Bio

Mari Hoshizaki is a student of Western Humanities and Studio Art in evening hours. She finds Western Tarot studies fascinating and is trying to combine her other studies with the tarot archetypes. Her preferred creative writing sources include poetry from Italian literature and translated Japanese language resources. Her preferred art uses watercolor and watercolor pen sketches from her original photographs, and collage scraps from art magazines. Her dream is to travel to the original sources of her studies in Western Europe in a time of peace and prosperity.

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