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Third Aeclectic Community Tarot

Our third collaborative Tarot deck is now complete! Created entirely by subscribers from the Aeclectic Tarot Forum community, it has 78 uniquely different cards.

Read all about the development of the deck in the Aeclectic Community Tarot III forum.

View The Completed Cards

Fool lunalafey
Magician Flavio
High Priestess spoonbender
Empress miss_apples
Emperor breathhh
Hierophant magpie9
Lovers jmd
Chariot OakDragon
Justice Nevada
Hermit Gerbear
Wheel of Fortune Dead Star
Strength Majecot
Hanged Man le pendu
Death Chronata
Temperance Kiama
Tower Le_Corsair
Star blue_fusion
Moon Melissa`
Sun Simone
Judgement Cerulean
World firemaiden
Ace of Wands Kiama
Two of Wands Majecot
Three of Wands baba-prague
Four of Wands mercenary30
Five of Wands jlbvt
Six of Wands jmd
Seven of Wands spoonbender
Eight of Wands Major Tom
Nine of Wands Flavio
Ten of Wands le pendu
Page of Wands spoonbender
Knight of Wands TemperanceAngel
Queen of Wands contrascarpe
King of Wands allibee
Ace of Swords oceanpoetry
Two of Swords jema
Three of Swords mercenary30
Four of Swords The 78th Fool
Five of Swords HOLMES
Six of Swords Gardener
Seven of Swords CharmingPixie
Eight of Swords Diana
Nine of Swords spoonbender
Ten of Swords blue_fusion
Page of Swords HOLMES
Knight of Swords WolfyJames
Queen of Swords Cerulean
King of Swords Gerbear
Ace of Cups MeeWah
Two of Cups Melvis
Three of Cups Majecot
Four of Cups Diana
Five of Cups Flavio
Six of Cups M-Press
Seven of Cups Rhiannon
Eight of Cups Chronata
Nine of Cups le pendu
Ten of Cups Simone
Page of Cups Cerulean
Knight of Cups danubhe
Queen of Cups magpie9
King of Cups OakDragon
Ace of Pentacles cheekyminx
Two of Pentacles The 78th Fool
Three of Pentacles Chronata
Four of Pentacles The 78th Fool
Five of Pentacles Starsongs
Six of Pentacles magpie9
Seven of Pentacles firemaiden
Eight of Pentacles jema
Nine of Pentacles lunakasha
Ten of Pentacles Fulgour
Page of Pentacles Rhiannon
Knight of Pentacles Cerulean
Queen of Pentacles starsongs
King of Pentacles jmd

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