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Ace of Pentacles
by cheekyminx

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


The idea to portray the Ace of Pentacles card with a rose tree came to me from the book written by Hazel Whitetaker. She states in Tarot Talk, the language of intuition, "the upright Ace of Pentacles in a reading means that the enquirer will experience a period where everything comes up roses in their garden of material reality. As you can see the rose bush is in bloom, soaking up the lovely rays of the Ace of Pentacles.


Roses bring me great happiness and a sense of inner peace. I love looking at my rose garden in the backyard and connecting with nature.

Here you see a rose tree in bloom, soaking up the Pentacles rays and making the most of it while it can. Behind the rose tree you can see a field full of grapes. I chose to have red roses because red is full of power and drive. It is the spirit of physical life and denotes courage, excitement, freedom and passion. Red is symbolic of what you need to survive.

Red is the colour of the base charka, the area which governs reproduction.

The Ace of Pentacles sits up in the sky like the sun does. It radiates it lovely rays down onto the ground allowing a wonderful rose bush to grow beautifully. The Pentacle is coloured in orange because orange exhibits a sense of direction and reason and has a determined nature. Orange has the courage to grasp opportunities as soon as they occur and is a strong colour that dares to trust intuition, taping into creative resources and allowing skills to develop.

Orange is the colour of the sacral charka and governs the gut instinct.

Card Meaning

This card signifies a dawning of a new period of awareness and prosperity. A new start may begin covering all aspects of ones life, creating success. It also suggests that all our hard work and dedication will finally pay off as the hand of fate will supply one with an unexpected windfall of financial happiness be it either spiritual or material. Having an abundance of energy, and the drive to complete all our goals. A hobby or interest could turn into something profitable. A good business card.

Artistic Media

I drew up a sketch of my idea first and used Faber-Castell coloured markers to colour it in, but I went against the idea and decided to use different mediums to create this card. The background is a photo I took of a wine valley up in Newcastle (2 hrs north of Sydney). I used Coral Print House to add in the Pentacle, the rose tree, black boarder and writing.

Artist's Bio

I have been interested in Tarot and Spirituality for the past 10 years. I'm an early childhood teacher but have chosen to take on a new path due to my health and a need for change. I will finish my studies in IT within the next few weeks, then who knows what the future will bring. I believe that we all serve a purpose on this earth and we are here to learn and experience. I like to do things differently and have lived an easy going and carefree life. My friends say I'm a free spirit who's very intuitive.

One thing that does stand out about me is that I'm like a magnet with gay men, everywhere I go I attract them. They just love me, what can I say. Funny thing is that my house mate and best friend are both gay men and can't explain this attraction : Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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