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Five of Pentacles
by starsongs

Card Meaning
Artistic Media
Artist's Bio


A cross built from images of family and childhood memories rises from a scenic landscape. A red pentacle rests upon each arm of the cross. A fifth pentacle is branded on the face of the Moon shining at the center of the cross. A child, angry, sad, and suspicious, stands at the foot of a mountain. Her shadow is larger than life. Saturn and the Moon symbols in yellow are monogrammed on her coat. With her back turned to the cross and the mountain, she seems not to notice the landscape and the ascending stairways of opportunity. She is paralyzed by fear and feels confused. She feels like an outcast; isolated and alone. She is focused on her woes, could be in denial, believes the world is a cold and hostile place and often may wonder "Why is this happening to me?"

In the night sky, Saturn's ring shape-shifts into a snake. Transformation is in the air. Will the child continue to resist or will she choose growth and change?


The cross is symbolic of the Earth plane and the tests and trials we undergo in both the material (horizontal) and spiritual (vertical) senses. The cross also symbolizes fixity and security. The four fixed signs of the zodiac are engraved on the arms of the cross. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

The Moon symbolizes the past, biological karma, emotional habit patterns and the form life. Saturn symbolizes limitation and is also guardian of the threshold to a different awareness. The yellow Moon and Saturn together symbolize limiting thought-forms from the past that are being challenged and the opportunity to change them.

The snake symbolizes transformation and wisdom as well as trickery and cunning. The stairs symbolize growth, change, opportunity and ascendency. The larger than life shadow symbolizes a powerful subconscious. The child symbolizes the inner child, the wound, and the healing. The mountain symbolizes hardship, a difficult climb, as well as rising above limitation.

Card Meaning

Emotional, Physical, Material and/or Spiritual crises that manifest as loss and lack on the physical plane. The need to look within to determine what must be changed to improve our situation. Healing the inner child. The need to Forgive those that have hurt us. The need to transform negative thought patterns that keep us from manifesting our dreams. Self-Limitation. The need for Soul work and to become more conscious. Isolation for the purpose of gathering strength and gaining focus to develop our own uniqueness. Shamanic work.

Feeling sorry for one's self and refusing to accept responsibility for one's lot in life. Anti-Social behavior. Separatist. Blind to the gifts and blessings all around.Anger that is interfering with getting on with life.

Financial loss; illness resulting in financial strain. Loss of support. Feeling deprived.

Creative use of oppressive circumstances; rising above limitation. Getting beyond societal/genetic programming. Recognizing and drawing from the positive influences of the past.

Artistic Media

Mixed Media (photography/collage and digital media).

Artist's Bio

Starsongs has had a life-long interest in the metaphysical which includes a love of tarot. She also loves animals, nature, being creative, and encouraging others to find their creative spark. Go back to the project index, read the traditional card meaning, or get a free automated reading.

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